Firenze Tango Festival 2018

Workshops and lessons with international teachers, wonderful exhibitions and exciting milongas

From 25 April 2018 to 29 April 2018

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From April 25th to April 29th, Florence will hold the 16th edition of the 'Florence Tango Festival', a highly anticipated event for all lovers of the fantastic and seductive dance born in Argentina, but now popular all over the world – so much so that in 2000 it was added to the UNESCO world heritage list! During this exciting event the ‘tangueros’ and ‘tangueras’ will give free rein to their desire to dance tango in Firenze. The rich program of the tango event Tuscany offers various evening and afternoon ‘Milongas’ but also lectures and workshops with exceptional masters. An explosion of tango in Florence in the middle of spring is a tantalizing opportunity to organize a few days of well-deserved vacation in the beautiful ‘cradle of the Renaissance’. Take a look at the program and choose the tango events in Florence you would like to attend... unless you are a real dance fan, in which case we recommend a complete full immersion!


THE LOCATIONS. Most of the tango events of the festival will be held at the Teatro dell'Affratellamento in Firenze, a beautiful and welcoming ballroom in the center of Florence, a few steps from the River Arno. Teatro Affratellamento is an ancient theater with the perfect wooden flooring to dance and give your best. The welcome marathon will be held at the Salon Caldìn of Firenze, located in Caldine, a hamlet of Fiesole, a delightful village on the hills of Florence. Opened in 1998, it was recently renovated and features a fantastic parquet floor. Due to its characteristics, the Salon Caldin has always been the reference point for Milonga in Florence. The Gala of the Tango Festival in Florence will be held at the Circolo di Grassina, a small town located on the hills just a 15-minute drive from the city center. It is a larger and logistically more equipped location (with large parking lots) which offers more space for all the tangoers who will come storming to one of the largest tango festivals in Italy. If you are looking to do some shopping to buy the best shoes, Circolo di Grassina will dedicate ample space to clothing and tango shoes.

WORKSHOP. The Firenze Tango Festival couldn’t not include the chance to take part in workshops and lessons to improve your style. To take part in any of these you will need to book online – for further information visit the event’s official website, where you will also find the schedule with times and details of the various lessons, divided according to the level (intermediate or advanced). For Florence Tango Festival lessons you will have to book in pairs. Panic not: if you do not have a partner, the event organisers will help you to find one who matches your level. So the Florence Tango Festival 2018 could be a good opportunity to get to know interesting people - not only for Italians but also for all the tourists who crowd magical Florence.



Wednesday, April 25 - Salon Caldìn - 16.30 - 24.00: welcome Milonga in Florence. The event will begin by giving you more than 7 hours to go crazy on the dance floor. In order not to miss the opportunity to dance tango in Tuscany all you have to do is remember to book, since spaces are limited. The ‘musicalizadors’ of the evening, i.e. the DJs who will take care of the music, will be: Djs El Gordo Mauro, Robi and Jole.

Thursday April 26th – Teatro dell’Affratellamento in Florence, 21.30 - 2.00: Milonga evening of the Festival of Tango in Florence, in this beautiful venue in the heart of the city. Booking is again required. The music selection will be brought to you by Dj Gibo.

Friday, April 26th – Teatro Affratellamento - From 18.30 Florence Tango Festival Workshops with Romina Godoy and Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice who will give you their valuable advice on technique for women and on the different ballroom walkthroughs.
22.30 -3.00 Milonga and a presentation of all the masters of the Tango Festival of Florence that will perform on the notes of Dj Madia.

Saturday, April 28th - Teatro Affratellamento - 12.00 - 18.00: Workshop at the Grassina club with Romina Godoy & Pablo Garcia, Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero, Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice. According to your level, you can follow tango workshops and lessons: for women and men to improve their technique, sacadas, milonga lisa or traspiè and the best pirouettes.

Saturday, April 28th - Circolo di Grassina - 16.00-21.30: afternoon Tuscany milonga with a music selection by Dj Wiebke. There will also be lots of space where to browse clothing and dance shoes and, if you want, buy the latest models.
From 10.00 pm gala evening: this is one of the most anticipated events of tango of the year! There will be great performances by Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice, Pablo Garcia & Romina Godoy who will dance to the music by the Orchestra Ruben Peloni y Los Tanturi.

Sunday, April 29th - Teatro Affratellamento11.30-15.45: workshops at the Florence Tango Festival with Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Penero, Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice. These workshops will tackle hard and easy turns, the vals tango as well as some aspects of the vibe between dance partners.
17.00 -21.00: time for the final chapter of the festival, namely the afternoon milonga with music by Dj Giovanni Ercoli, Gianni Marasco.


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By Insidecom Editorial Staff