Firenze Rocks 2018

The rock of legendary bands such as Foo Fighters, Guns ‘n Roses, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne will set the stage of the Visarno Arena on fire

From 14 June 2018 to 17 June 2018

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From June 14th to 17th Florence is ready to let rock set fire to its stage thanks to Firenze Rocks 2018, the second edition of the great Tuscan festival that every year hosts internationally renowned artists and truly legendary bands. Here, many of the most important concerts of the 2018 rock festivals in Europe will take place with a mix of styles that will appeal to the more ‘extreme’ rockers as well as to the most avant-garde ones. In the same evening you can go from listening to alternative rock, to punk rock, to heavy metal. Are you ready then to tock your body to the rhythm of the Foo Fighters in Florence? But make sure you don’t miss the Guns n’ Roses at Firenzerocks! What about enjoying the concert of the legendary Iron Maiden in Firenze? And since you're there what about the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be in the crowd of the fantastic live performance by Ozzy Osbourne in Florence? Well then, for this and much much more you have to organize a nice trip in Tuscany in June! Tickets for Firenze Rocks 2018 literally fly off the shelves, so waste no time, have a look at the juicy line up and get cracking! Oh, it is also worth noting that all the concerts of the Rock Festival in Italy 2018 take place at the Visarno Arena, a huge green area not far from the historic center of the beautiful Tuscan capital: what better to combine with the adrenaline of rock concerts than some equally exciting excursions around the wonderful ‘cradle of the Renaissance’. Let’s cut the chatter and start with the explosive names of the most anticipated 2018 Firenze Rocks concerts.



  • Thursday, June 14th, from 21.00 - Arena del Visarno

The great rock festival in Florence 2018 will literally start with a bang: the Foo Fighters in Firenze are among the most anticipated guests. How to be surprised, given that the icon band of alternative rock led by Dave Grohl, after the long series of sold-out nights in his 'Concrete and Gold Tour' will be in our country for the only Italian date. Naturally, tickets for the Foo Fighters in Florence are among the most sought after. Good luck! The opening night will also include the Volbeat in Firenze, a Danish band that blends the sounds of metal with the rockabilly singing style. The long night of rock will continue right up to 2 am! On Friday evening at the same time there will also be a performance by the Baroness in Firenze, the American sludge/heavy metal band that has been together since 2003, and The Pink Slips synth-pop group from Los Angeles.


  • Thursday June 15th, from 20.00 - Arena del Visarno

Even the second evening of the Florence Rock 2018 will start with a trump card: the Guns n' Roses in Florence will set fire to the stage of Visarno in front of a wild audience. The legendary hard rock band led by the charismatic Axl Roses, selling 100 million records worldwide and included by Rolling Stone in the list of the 100 best artists, will attract loads of fans to Florence. The Guns n’ Roses in Florence live promise an energetic and overwhelming performance as in their style. The evening will continue with The Kills, an indie rock group from the United States, and with Wolf Alice, alternative rock band from the UK. The program of Firenze Rocks 2018 on this day also includes the concert of the punk rock group Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes.


  • Saturday June 16th, from 21.00 - Arena del Visarno

The all-rock summer weekend continues with Il live of Iron Maiden in Florence, true legends of Heavy Metal on track since 1975! True metalheads will not miss the chance of seeing the live concert of one of the most important and influential bands of this genre. The metal mood will continue thanks to the concert by Helloween at Firenze Rocks, a German band currently on their Pumpkins United World Tour, boasting Jonathan Davis, considered to be one of the best metal singers. Florence Rocks, now one of the most important Italian rock festivals of 2018, will also host the performance of Shinedown in Firenze, in the large green areas of Parco delle Cascine. The real 'number ones' of the international rock charts.


  • Sunday June 17th, from 21.00 - Arena del Visarno

Rock Florence 2018 with reach its end with Sunday evening. But not before having given you yet another gem, one of the most anticipated Florence 2018 rock events. What is it? We are talking about the live performance of the histrionic Ozzy Osbourne in Florence! The hardcore singer of the Black Sabbath, who continued his career as a soloist, is considered to be the 'Godfather of Heavy Metal' but also the 'prince of darkness' and the 'madman'. In short, the concert of the charismatic and excessive Ozzy Osbourne at Florence Rocks will definitely not bore you! The last night of the 2018 rock festival in Tuscany will continue with Avenged Sevenfold, another pillar of Metal music that will offer its audience a new version of the famous 'The Stage'. The Judas Priest in Florence will also perform on tour with their new album called 'Firepower'. Finally, the Tremonti will rise on the Visarno stage: this is the band of Mark Tremonti, the guitarist of the Alter Age and before that of the Creed.


All the concerts of the 2018 Rock Festival Florence will take place in the Visarno Arena, a large green area not far from the historic center of the beautiful capital, easy to reach by any means of transport. If you want to know how to reach Parco delle Cascine in Florence which is where the concerts are located, bear in mind that you get there by bus and tram, while cars can be conveniently left in the parking lots. For more details on Florence Rocks and an updated line up, for the tickets and also for the Florence Rocks 2018 seasonal tickets that allow you to attend more than just one concert, take a look at the official website (

If you want to truly embrace the rocker lifestyle and you to sleep under the stars just like at Woodstock, we will certainly not stop you, but if you want something more comfortable, we recommend booking a nice room in one of our hotels in Florence. Because even heavy metal fans appreciate comfort, right? And since you are here, why not take advantage of your stay in the Tuscan capital to enjoy some of our excursions from Florence? Discover wonderful corners of Tuscany, taste good food and drink excellent wine so you can arrive nice and warmed up at the concerts – sounds good, doesn’t it?

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Period: From 14 June 2018 to 17 June 2018

Event location: Florence

Contacts: Info & tickets on the official website

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