Fabbrica Europa 2019

Discover in Florence the latest trends concerning dance, theatre, music and art

From 03 May 2019 to 10 June 2019

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From May 3rd to June 10th 2019 Florence will host the 26th edition of Fabbrica Europa, an international festival where you can discover and appreciate everything new in the world of dance, music, theater and art. It is one of the most important cultural events in Florence in 2019, taking place at the different locations of the city but also other places in Tuscany such as San Gimignano. New this year will be the venue hosting the Festival Fabbrica Europa, which will move from its historic location at the Leopolda Station in Florence, where only the opening performance will be held. After this, the Festival Fabbrica Europa 2019 will take in other theatres in Florence, including Teatro della Pergola, the new areas of the PARC - Performing Arts Research Center (Palazzina ex Fabbri and Complesso Scuderie Granducali in the Parco delle Cascine), Teatro Cantiere Florida and Teatro del Maggio. Fabbrica Europa 2019 festival promises to be a journey through different cultures and traditions whose creative trajectories will cross Europe and also the Orient thanks to the project concerning some Chinese coreographers. The Fabbrica Europa events this year will include 52 titles, 96 performances, 25 days of shows, 200 artists from 20 countries, 10 productions and co-productions and 15 national premieres. For more details on the events at Leopolda Station in Florence and at the other locations we suggest you take a look at the rich and detailed program of Fabbrica Europa 2019 on the event’s official website: www.fabbricaeuropa.net. Meanwhile, below are some indications on some of the performances which you can attend at the Leopolda station for 2019, at the other theatres of the city and the Cascine.


  • FESTIVAL OPENING EVENTS. This year the festival ‘moves house’ but the opening will take place in the usual location in Florence, Leopolda Train Station in Florence, in order to create an imaginary link between past and present. The honor of opening the event this year is entrusted to La Fura del Baus, a Catalan formation that will present in Florence ‘Free Bach 212’, a show rooted in Bach but exploring music, electronics, multimedia images, dance, stage action and flamenco. On the opening day of Fabbrica Europa dance will also be showcased by Norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen who will present ‘Il lunedì’, a performance created especially for the festival which features eleven dancers, two from Zero Visibilità Corp and nine Italian performers.


  • FABBRICA EUROPA DANCE. Contemporary dance at Fabbrica Europa will again be given great attention during the festival and many of the events in the calendar will take place at Teatro della Pergola: Flemish Wim Vandekeybus with his ‘TrapTown’ inspired by ancient myths; Michele Di Stefano in 'Parete Nord' which, as the title suggests, creates an interesting encounter between climbing and dance tensions; choreographer Virgilio Sieni, whose dance company is based in Florence, presents a new staging of ‘La natura delle cose’ inspired by the ‘De rerum Natura’. Many other events will also take place in the new location of Performing Arts Research Center, also known as PARC of Fabbrica Europa: Company Blu, Alexandre Fanard, Andréane Leclerc & Dany Desjardins, Cristina Rizzo just to name a few. New this year is the interesting section dedicated to Chinese contemporary dance with four days featuring six independent Chinese choreographers, from 9 to 12 May.


  • FABBRICA EUROPA THEATRE. Among the cultural events in Florence included in the Fabbrica Europa 2019 program in May there is also theater, in its most contaminated, creative and avant-garde forms. At the Teatro della Pergola you can watch the performance ‘Macchine’ inspired by Sebastiano Vassalli and directed by the Armenian NCA Small Theater, Giardino Chiuso and Versiliadanza. At PARC Federica Santoro, director, performance artist and cello player Luca Trilli will present ‘Hedvig’, based on H. Ibsen’s work ‘The Wild Duck’.


  • FABBRICA EUROPA MUSIC. There will also be many music events during Fabbrica Europa 2019 in Florence, it is impossible to mention them all but in the meantime we can give you a few previews: Motta and his ‘Intervista tra parole e musica’ and Paolo Benvegnù reading ’I racconti delle nebbie’, the clarinetist and composer Michel Portal and the young violinist Theo Ceccaldi. Also, in the Sala Vanni the trio composed of Riccardo Tesi, Patrick Vaillant, Gianluigi Trovesi will present their music ranging from jazz to Mediterranean. Maggio Tempo Reale with Maggio Fiorentino and Frittelli Arte Contemporanea will showcase the art-cum-sound installation ‘Giuseppe Chiari. La luce è un dialogo tra rumore e silenzio’.


2019 Fabbrica Europa in Florence offers, today as for the past 26 years, a stimulating overview of the most creative contemporary art both at a national and international level. A long list of many events ranging from dance, to theater, music, and also interesting and evocative contemporary art installations with many stimulating workshops and talk shows on the fringe. A different way to experience Florence, by combining the emotions of contemporary creativity of the events of 2019 Fabbrica Europe events with the timeless beauty of the marvellous cradle of the Renaissance.

Discover it best by booking one of our tours in Florence: your stay in Tuscany immersed in art in its broadest and multifaceted concept will be simply perfect. In Florence everything is ready for the 2019 edition of Fabbrica Europa... you’re the only one missing!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 03 May 2019 to 10 June 2019

Event location: Florence

Contacts: more info www.fabbricaeuropa.net

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