Fabbrica Europa 2017

At the Leopolda Station in Florence the Festival of performing arts returns

From 04 May 2017 to 15 June 2017

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Theatre, dance, martial arts, contemporary art. The Festival Fabbrica Europa is all this and much more! From 4th May to 15th June 2017, this cultural event in Florence, Italy turns into an outstanding platform for experimentation at the Leopolda Station in Florence: events of culture and theatre but mainly modern dance performances will see the presence of important internationally established companies and young talents.

Festival Fabbrica Europa 2017 wants to be a springboard to experiment with new artistic languages, an open creative sharing space, an exchange between artists implying innovative forms of establishing connections. A great event enriched by its special location: the Leopolda Train Station in Florence is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in Florence, capable of giving a special atmosphere to every event it hosts and making this popular International Festival of Theatre and Contemporary arts event even more charming and engaging.

The 24th edition of the Festival Fabbrica Europa Florence will exhale an air of modernity across the whole of Tuscany, presenting its events at the Leopolda Station in Florence and also in Le Murate, in Quartiere Isolotto, at Limonaia of Villa Strozzi, at the Palazzina Ex Fabbri. This regional circuit of performing arts aims to combine entertainment with a growing focus on training and production, in particular addressing young people and those who are making their debut in the world of art and independent culture.



Fabbrica Europa 2017 Florence is back with lots of varied appointments with contemporary art at the Leopolda Train Station in Florence and other locations: dance, theatre, music, DJs, cultural meetings, workshops and much more. Below you will find some of the events in the program: for the whole program of Fabbrica Europa 2017, visit the official site www.fabbricaeuropa.net.



  • Among the performances of Fabbrica Europa Festival 2017 we would like to point out the dancer and choreographer Claudia Catarzi’s performance entitled 'A Set of Timings', a composition played by two bodies, an architecture and a music collage. These elements create an environment, a physical and mental state, an interlacing of events that will evolve with a music score in the background. In a choreography characterized by pauses, different speeds of movement, delays and advances, time is the key element that redefines new geographies and stories between bodies.
  • Among the interesting Leopolda Station Florence 2017 events, do not miss 'A Love Supreme', a wonderful choreography that Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Salva Sanchis made for the music of John Coltrane's homonymous masterpiece to commemorate fifty years since his death. The performance harmoniously blends blues sounds and free body movements in an intense search for freedom and infinity.



  • On stage at Fabbrica Europa 2017 Edition there will also be Adriano Viterbini and his inseparable guitar along with the band Los Indimenticables. Adriano will present a project that will see him perform together with Davide Toffolo, frontman of the group 'Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti' and with the special guest Alberto Ferrari, voice of the band Verdena. A great live blues session - absolutely unmissable!
  • Cultural events in Florence at Leopolda Station never cease to amaze and twenty years since he first started, the singer-songwriter Marco Parente returns to the stage with 'Eppur non basta’, a song edited in 1997 and re-released for this occasion with the same band, the same sound engine and the same co-producer. A piece born from the need for reconciliation with the past but also from the immense pleasure of returning to work with a highly talented team.



  • As far as the Fabbrica Europa 'Theatre' section is concerned, a very special show of OHT|Office for a Human Theatre will take place, entitled 'Squares do not (normally) appear in nature'. Thanks to 13 sound and visual experiments, the viewer will find a space where there are no actors, where elements such as light, fog and images become the real stars of the scene. This event is not only an invitation to look, listen and take back your perception of time, but also an entanglement of nature and human relationships, where abstract effects are emphasized by bringing natural events such as rainbows and boreal aurora into the scene. This will eliminate the myth that abstract art is cold and impersonal.
  • Among the cultural events in Florence 2017, it is worth mentioning 'Afasians - the last conference' of the Spanish Loscorderos, an unusual stage experience created by a pseudo-scientific conference. 'Afasians' is indeed a very important worldwide scientific event... completely irrelevant to the progress of science!


From 4th May to 15th June do not miss these and all other events of the Festival Fabbrica Europa 2017: music, theatre, dance, creative workshops, conferences, meetings, installations and many other initiatives related to contemporary art awaits you.

Has the Leopolda Station intrigued you and made you want to come and visit the Tuscan capital? On our page dedicated to tours in Florence you will find many proposals to discover the history, culture, art, food and wine of this beautiful city!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 04 May 2017 to 15 June 2017

Event location: Florence

Contacts: more info on the offical website www.fabbricaeuropa.net

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