Expo Chianti Classico 2018

Wine tastings, crafts, exhibitions, talks and shows in the lovely Greve in Chianti

From 06 September 2018 to 09 September 2018

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What is the most famous Tuscan wine? It doesn’t matter what anyone else says... there is only one answer: Chianti! So, if you are visiting this region, you have to treat yourself to at least one glass of this delicious red nectar. But there’s an even better plan. Drinking seven glasses, for example! We don’t want to get you drunk, we are only advising you to take part in one of the most important Chianti wine events in 2018. This is the Expo of Chianti Classico 2018 held in the wonderful town of Greve in Chianti from 6th to 9th September 2018. Among the wine events in Tuscany, this is a very special and truly unmissable one, even for all those who aren’t exactly experts but want to find out more about this famous Tuscan excellence. A perfect opportunity to spend a few days in Tuscany in September: the weather is cooler but it is still nice outside, the perfect atmosphere for this outdoor event. You can taste excellent Chianti Classico wine and take part in other collateral events that range from conferences and debates, art exhibitions to shows and concerts. Not bad, right? Read on and you'll know all you need to take part in one of the most colorful wine events of 2018.



It is by now a well-known fact that Chianti is a delicious red wine that ranks among the most popular wines in the world. But there’s more! Let’s take a quick look at its history. The production of this wine began as far back as in the Roman and Etruscan times, but the turning point was with Bettino Ricasoli who in 1840 established the grape blend typical of Chianti, which is still today included in the production regulations. According to these, Chianti wine must be produced in a specific area and following precise rules that protect its quality. The Chianti Classico is the most 'fundamentalist', characterized by a smaller production area and by an even more severe set of regulations. In short, obtaining the DOCG Chianti Classico label is certainly no easy ride.... But a result of such perfection, we can assure you, is unbeatable! One last thing: the symbol of the Chianti Gallo Nero appears on every bottle. But do you know why? No? If you decide to take part in the Greve in Chianti fair, you will discover why. Meanwhile, you can read the interesting anecdote of the Galletto del Chianti, the century-old dispute between Florence and Siena.



What takes place in Tuscany in September is certainly the most important event in the Chianti region of Tuscany, one of the most renowned wine events in 2018. It began in 1970 and was called Mostra Mercato Vino Chianti Italia. Its purpose was from the beginning that of promoting the quality of this wine that was just beginning to achieve success abroad. Its name changed once again before its current one: from 'Rassegna del Chianti Classico' to the 'Expo del Chianti Classico'. The aim of the event has always been to promote wine but always without breaking that magical synergy with the terroir where it is produced: the wonderful Chianti Hills. Greve is just one of the towns of the Chianti region of Italy where the famous wine with the symbol of the Black Rooster is produced. When you take part in the event you’ll be surrounded by the colours, perfumes, the atmosphere of the landscape. Greve in Chianti is a truly delightful ancient village and the festival takes place outdoors - a very important aspect since many similar events take place in pavilions or exhibition complexes. That said, do you want to know how the Chianti Expo takes place? The 'highlight' of one of the most important food and wine tasting events in 2018 are, naturally, the pavilions for tastings in Piazza Matteotti that are open from 17.00. First you need to buy the tasting kit that consists of the ticket that entitles you to a series of tastings, the glass and a convenient glass holder. Just to give you some numbers, the 2017 edition reached over 15,000 visitors and 8 thousand glasses of wine were sold. We must also mention that there are many other Tuscany wine festivals that you can attend, but this one will be really special: you can have direct contact with some of the most important producers of Chianti Classico. You can listen to them tell you about the characteristics of their wine, but above all you can listen to the stories of the families that for generations have dedicated themselves to this ancient production with love, passion and commitment.

Greve in Chianti wine tasting isn’t the only highlight of the Expo. You will in fact have the opportunity to taste and of course buy other products grown in the area such as extra virgin olive oil, cheeses and other delicious delicacies. The Chianti Wine Exhibition is also an opportunity to see in action some craftsmen such as basket weavers, chair-makers or even potters who dedicate their lives to their craftsmanship. In the program of the Chianti Classico Expo 2018 there will also be many other events such as theater and dance shows, fashion shows, concerts of classical and modern music and even DJ sets. So, there's something for all tastes... and we're certainly not just talking about wine! We recommend checking out the official event website in order to better organize your experience.

Are you ready to take part in the most important Greve in Chianti events? While you wait for the pavilions to open in the afternoon, we advise you to dedicate yourself to the exploration of this marvelous area. In our section dedicated to the Chianti tours you will find some enticing suggestions to match your interests and needs!

What else to say... we’re waiting for you in the Chianti area, ready to toast with you with a nice glass of excellent wine. Cheers!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 06 September 2018 to 09 September 2018

Event location: Greve in Chianti

Contacts: info & full programme on the official website www.expochianticlassico.com/en/

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