46th National Exhibition of the White Truffle in San Miniato

In San Miniato the most anticipated food and wine event of the year returns!

From 12 November 2016 to 04 December 2016


Everything has been decided for one of the tastiest Tuscan food and wine Festivals in Tuscany: in the characteristic town of the San Miniato, the truffle festival (Sagra del Tartufo di San Miniato), from 12 November to 4 December 2016, is waiting for you for four weekends in the name of the flavours and the products of the area.

Now in its 46th edition, the San Miniato truffle fair 2016 has become, over the years, one of the most appreciated events, not only by those working in the sector, who consider this event as an extraordinary showcase to publicize and sell their products, but also by fans of truffle or just visitors who want to know, learn and enjoy this precious and expensive food.

But what are the origins of this unmissable event in Tuscany? The first truffle festival in Italy in San Miniato was held in Cathedral Square in 1969: since then, leaving a break of two years due to the study of the product and a careful planning of the subsequent editions, the sagra tartufi of San Miniato has been repeated every year, and has increased in popularity.

The search for truffles in Tuscany, and particularly in the area of San Miniato, began more than a century ago when people from the Romagna region moved to these lands and taught the local folks how to find and sell this popular tuber that, in a short time , became famous around the world.

The excellence of the quality of the tartufo of San Miniato, is mainly due to the ideal climate and soil type of the area, which is well suited to the cultivation of such a refined food, appreciated and used by the greatest chefs of international fame and today protected by the mark 'white truffle of the San Miniato hills'.
The Exhibition of the San Miniato White Truffle Festival (Tartufo Bianco di San Miniato), which is held every year between November and December, is one of the most attended in the sector: in recent editions, more than 60,000 participants have been counted! Given its success year after year, the autumn calendar of events in San Miniato has been enriched by numerous festivals alongside, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates: La Serra (24-25 September), Corazzano (1-2 October), Balconevisi (15-16 October), Ponte a Egola (22-23 October), San Miniato Basso (7-8 November) and the grand finale, the Tartufo San Miniato Sagra, one of the most anticipated exhibitions in San Miniato truffle festivals in 2016.


The Tuscan truffle is the protagonist of a truly flourishing market: some merchants, founders of the firms operating in the area, of this prestigious product purchase it directly from local truffle hunters then sell it in Italy and abroad, from the United States to Japan, from Brazil to the United Arabs. Everyone wants to taste the famous white truffles of San Miniato!

If you are in the area, you should try the famous 'truffle risotto', proposed by several local restaurants: the original recipe was invented by Renato Tozzi in the 60s and served for the first time in his Miravalle restaurant, and was immediately appreciated by the greatest food and wine experts.
For some time, the Province of Pisa was selected the best restaurants in the area, giving them the brand 'Friend of Truffle'.

Tuscany has more than two thousand truffle hunters who, at different times of the year, walk the woods in search of various species of truffle - the March one, the summer one but especially the white autumn one - helped by their unparalleled assistants: the dogs!

Founded in 1982, the Association of Truffle Hunters of the hills of San Miniato has about 400 members and is one of the most important and organized in Italy. The art of truffle hunters, handed down from generation to generation, has made them real experts in the search for this exquisite and precious product.

The slogan of the 46th Truffle Festival in San Miniato - 'The Truffle in the Heart of Tuscany' - was chosen for the strategic position that this location occupies compared to the entire region, so as to be called the City of XX Miglia.
During the San Miniato Truffle Fair 2016 the town will become the largest open air laboratory of food and wine in Italy where, in addition to truffles, visitors can learn to appreciate other local products such as extra virgin olive oil, the tasty wine produced on site, sausages, cheeses, sweets and many other delicacies of the area at the San Miniato National white truffle market.
In the centre of the town, characterized by narrow streets and historic squares, there will be more than 120 exhibitors who will present the best of the local products and the whole of Tuscany: do not miss the 46th Truffle Festival in San Miniato!

Also this year, the program of the Sagra del Tartufo di San Miniato, will be full of interesting and tasty appointments: in the beautiful Piazza del Seminario there will be workshops where Italian and foreign experts chefs will prepare dishes rigorously based on truffle!
Moreover, some sport, culture and entertainment celebrities will receive the coveted 'Ambassador of San Miniato Truffle' award. The program also includes the assignment of other awards, such as that for the oldest truffle hunter and that for the largest truffle.

Curiosity: the largest truffle in the world, weighing 2,520 kilograms, was found in San Miniato in 1954. For over fifty years the name of the lucky truffle finder remained shrouded in secrecy and only in 2003 his identity was discovered: it was Arturo Gallerini said Bergo, a famous truffle hunter from Balconevisi who sold the Guinness truffle to the Alba dealer Giacomo Morra, who gave it to no other than the US president, David Eisenhower!

And it was also in the hills of San Miniato that the highest paid truffle in the world was found, which was sold for charity to a London restaurateur at the International Truffle Auction in 2007. Yes, for a staggering 330 thousand dollars! Obviously the news went around the world in no time! Unfortunately, because of too much exposure in the window of London, the precious truffle died: in its honour a solemn funeral was celebrated at Villa Cafaggiolo, the auction site, where it was buried, next to a large, old oak.

Gourmets from all over Italy should mark these dates in your diary: 12 and 13, 19 and 20, 26 and 27 November and 5 and 6 December 2016, the Queen manifestation of autumn awaits you: the 46th San Miniato white Truffle Fair, in the centre of the town! Let yourself be carried away by the flavours, smells and colours of this extraordinary Tuscan food Festival... you will not regret it!

Also, use the opportunity of the San Miniato White Truffle Fair 2016 to visit Tuscany to book one of our interesting tours in Tuscany and discover with us the wonders that only this region has to offer!



Dates: 12-13, 19-20, 26-27 November and 3-4 December 2016

Location: San Miniato - Pisa

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 12 November 2016 to 04 December 2016

Event location: San Miniato

Contacts: full event program on www.sanminiatopromozione.it

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