Exhibition ‘The Ancient Camellias of Lucca’ 2019

Exhibits, workshop, market stalls, and food tasting in lovely hamlets and wonderful ancient villas near Lucca

From 16 March 2019 to 07 April 2019

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On 16-17, 23-24, 30-31 March and 6-7 April, 2019, the 30th edition of the 'Exhibition of Ancient camellias from the Lucca area’ will open its doors to visitors in the Municipality of Capannori (Lucca) and also in the city of Lucca as well as several ancient villas of the area. In the month when our minds turn to the imminent arrival of spring, what could be better than to immerse oneself in the admiration of such a fascinating flower? The exhibition of the ancient Camellias of Lucca is by no means an event for professionals, rather it is the opportunity to visit a tucked-away area in Tuscany’s city of Lucca and its fantastic surroundings. You will admire ancient species of the famous Camellias of Lucca in the picturesque setting of the delightful 'Borgo delle Camelie', comprising the villages of Sant Andrea di Compito and Pieve di Compito or in the marvellous Park of Villa Reale di Marlia which can be accessed thanks to the Camellia Exhibition ticket.

Are you wondering why the cultivation of camellia plays such an important role in the area of Lucca and Capannori? Because it was here that at the end of the 18th century something akin to a 'Cameliomania', i.e. a mania for camellias, started to take root. These plants, in fact, with their beautiful foliage and the eye-catching blossoms perfectly fitted in with the settings of the villas in the area of Pieve di Compito, Lucca, and Marlia and Capannori. Due to the particularly favourable climate and the presence of numerous growers and hybrid experts, the area of Lucca soon became an important center of reference for the whole of Italy. In the '80s, after a string of unsuccessful attempts, going back to as far as the 1800s, it was here that growing camellias for tea, known as Camellia Sinensis, finally succeeded. Expert Japanese tasters have also highly commended the quality of the tea made from these plants. In short, in Pieve di Compito Camellias are undoubtedly the undisputed queens. It was inevitable that appropriate tribute would be paid to them and the Camellias Exhibition in Lucca was just a perfectly suiting idea.

Don’t you think that the Camellias of Lucchesia are so fascinating? Time to find out about many other interesting facts and visit the Camellias Exhibition in Tuscany: walks through architectural masterpieces but also nature, workshops, concerts, craft markets and delicious tastings of tea and typical products. You will find all this and much more at the Camellias exhibition in Italy, precisely in the municipality of Capannori (Lucca)! Make sure you are not going to miss it and read all the interesting events that you can enjoy during the exhbition. Have a look on the website of the Ancient Camellias of Lucca exhibition (www.camelielucchesia.it) to find out about what is on, read the latest news, and also find the Borgo delle Camelie map. In fact, there is the risk you might get lost marvelling at the magnificence of the various locations.


Program of the Ancient Camellias of Lucca 2019 exhibition:

  • Compitese Culture Centre: beyond the inauguration of the 30th edition on 16th March at 10, three interesting camellias exhibitions will be held here: 'Scientific exhibition of cut flowers' with foreign participants, and exhibits with the Camellias of the Pilnitz, Villa Reale and Boboli gardens; 'Nostalgia Giapponese' dedicated to camelia japonica; ‘30 years of Camellias’ celebrating the history of the exhibition with pictures, articles and typographic material . In this location you can also visit the 'Camellia factory' which produces the plants that you can admire in the camellias garden. If you then want to indulge in a bit of shopping, you will find plenty to choose from in the camellia market. Moreover, for the lovers of Bonsai in this location there will be some unmissable events such a the ‘Introductive course on Bonsai’ thanks to which you’ll discovers many secrets on this fascinating botanic art.
  • Villa Borrini: here you can visit the tea plantation and taste and buy the only true Italian tea. You can also buy seeds to grow your own plants and the famous camellia oil, which is rich in many beneficial properties. It is in fact a powerful natural antibiotic, can cure skin affected by acne and when added to creams it can help to control sweating.
  • Villa Giovannetti: at certain times, upon reservation and with a small extra charge, you can enjoy a fascinating 'Tea Ceremony with Sabine Min Sehn', president of the 'Club explorateurs de thè'.
  • Villa Orsi (Lucca): this is another location where camellia tea will take centre stage. In the first two weekends the tasting ceremonies will be organized by the Iroha Association (National Association for the cultural exchange between Italy and Japan) while in the following ones the 'Korean Tea Ceremony' will be presented. At Villa Orsi (Lucca) it will also be possible to visit the garden of the ancient camellias of Lucca, buy tea and Japanese objects and taste excellent wine and oil.
  • Camellietum Compitese. It is a 100 square meters area developed for scientific, educational, informative but also conservation purposes. In fact, this is where the genoplasm of the ancient camellias of Lucca is preserved. The display will give you the opportunity to observe hundreds of different species classified according to variety, type of flower and the age of the cultivar.
  • Park of Villa Reale di Marlia. A 15 km trip from Lucca, the park of this ancient Villa, which was the home of Elisa Bonaparte in Lucca, Napoleon's sister, will offer you enchanted visions such as the Avenue of the Camellias, the Theatres of Water and Vegetables, the Lemons Garden with the statues of Leda and the swan. During the exhibition of the Ancient Camellias of Pieve di Compito, you can visit the Park of this wonderful Villa with a reduced or cumulative ticket.

What we have described to you are just some of the events that you will find at the Pieve di Compito Camellias exhibition! There are, for example, other locations to be included in your program. A few suggestions are the gardens of Villa Torregrossa, the Church of Santa Lucia di Pieve di Compito or the Church of St. Andrea in St. Andrea di Compito hosting two interesting photographic exhibitions or the Frantoio la Visona where you can taste and buy excellent oil. And how not to mention the many exciting collateral events such as walks in the outdoors and along marked trails, impromptu painting sessions and concerts! There will be also many moments specifically dedicated to our little ones such as street theatre shows, fairy tales reading, naturalistic workshops and many other amusing activities.

Are you thinking that maybe a weekend is not enough for you? Maybe you're right... but that’s not a problem! Take a whole week and take advantage of spring to visit the most beautiful corners of Tuscany! If you’re undecided on how to organize your trip, take a look at our rich section on the small villages of Tuscany: there you can book some fantastic tours to discover some ancient places where time seems to have stopped. 

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 16 March 2019 to 07 April 2019

Event location: Lucca

Contacts: info and full program on the official website www.camelielucchesia.it

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