Estate Fiesolana 2017

A rich programme of theatre and live music performances in the magical Roman Theatre in Fiesole

From 21 June 2017 to 27 July 2017

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From 21st June to 27th July 2017, in the magical and charming ancient Roman Theatre of Fiesole, a series of 30 events will take place, alternating great moments of music, theatre and high-level creative performances. ‘Estate Fiesolana’ – Fiesole Summer - at its 70th edition, organized by the Association Music Pool and Prg srl with the Municipality of Fiesole, is one of the oldest outdoor festivals in Italy.

The Fiesole Roman Theatre in Italy was undoubtedly the first ancient theatre to be put into use for theatre performances. More precisely, on April 20th 1911, the play Oedipus Rex was performed here. It is a magical place with a glorious charm, surrounded by views over hills and woods. Perfect and suggestive even under daylight, when it is empty and silent, it becomes unforgettable during performances under the stars. Among the shows in Florence in the summer season, the ones at Fiesole Theatre are absolutely a must-see. Right from its first edition, Estate Fiesolana has witnessed shows featuring real protagonists of music, dance and theatre: Carla Fracci, Rudolf Nureyev, Maurice Bejart, Valeria Moriconi, Giorgio Albertazzi, Stefano Bollani and Pat Metheny. These are just a few names, but the full list is incredibly long and entirely emblazoned with many more names. In short, the charming village of Fiesole (Italy), only ten kilometres from Florence, becomes during the summer an unmissable destination if you are looking for the most prestigious, interesting and engaging concerts in Tuscany.

The 2017 edition of Fiesole Summer Festival offers yet again a truly rich and varied series of shows at its Fiesole Ancient Theatre, each year attracting an audience of all ages and artistic tastes. By checking the event official website - you will immediately realize that visitors are spoilt for choice.

Among the Florence music events, Fiesole marks the return of the Orchestra of Tuscany, born in 1980 and consisting of 45 musicians who often perform in much smaller groups. The ensemble will perform on two dates - June 27th and July 14th - featuring pieces by Vivaldi and Gino Rota for the first appointment and Mozart, Haydn and Schubert in the second concert in Florence.

The Roman Theatre in Fiesole will also dedicate a large slice of the Festival to Jazz music by offering concerts of resonance in the whole panorama of Florence concerts. It starts on July 4th with the London jazz saxophonist and composer Shabaka and the Ancestors. It continues on July 7th with the accordion of Richard Galliano & Ensemble Symphony Orchestra. The following day, on July 8th, two jazz giants will steal the show at this Fiesole event: the guitarist Stanley Jordan and the drummer Billy Cobham, who will be joined by the Chilean bassist Christian Gàlvez. On July 9th it will be the turn of Peter Hook, leader of New Order and Substance who together with the band The Light will propose songs from the repertoire of the two historical groups. Another interesting and inspiring performance is Luca Acquino’s project, who on July 11th will present Al Amal, the new album recorded in the archaeological amphitheatre of Um Qais in Jordan - a project in support of the UNESCO campaign #United4Heritage. Definitely unmissable is the blend of R&B and Jazz fusion on July 19th, featuring on stage Mike Stern, one of the most prestigious guitarists of his generation, trumpeter Randy Becker and bassist Teymur Phell. The projects inspired by two great music icons are also worth noting: on July 16th, a quartet of internationally recognized musicians will present '50 years of John Coltrane. I, John Coltrane', dedicated to one of the absolute protagonists of jazz. On July 17th, 'Purple Whales' will play a fascinating musical project on Jimi Hendrix.

From the past to the future: in addition to tributes to big names, Estate Fiesolana 2017 will also host a very young artist, appreciated by important jazz and soul musicians such as Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock. It is Jacob Collier, who on July 24th will present 'In my room', his record debut inspired by the room where he taught himself to play. There will also be two representatives of the Italian music scene: on July 5th, Fabrizio Moro will play his music, and on July 25th, Daniele Silvestri.

Fiesole makes an important contribution in the rich scenario of theatre shows in Florence, covering the entire year. First of all ‘Odyssey. A Mediterranean tale', scheduled for several appointments throughout the duration of the festival. This project, of a lasting nature, places emphasis back on oral narration by choosing a work that was, as a matter of fact, the first narrative work in episodes. Personalities such as David Riondino, Dario Vergassola, Maddalena Crippa, and Roberto Vecchioni have previously been narrators. On July 22nd, Fiesole (Florence) theatre shows will include 'Agamemnon', a show by Fabrizio Sinisi based on Aeschylus’s masterpiece, with the direction of Alessandro Machia. Colourful and engaging, the Fiesole Florence show on July 12th, 'Eleganzissima' is by Drusilla Foer, who with her sharp humour and with the help of songs will narrate anecdotes of her past lived between Tuscany, Cuba, America and Europe. Irony, current affairs and sarcasm will be the ingredients of Beppe Grillo’s show which, as the subtitle (Update 2017) suggests, will be up to date with latest events.

Check out the rich program of the Florence Festival ‘Estate Fiesolana’, choose the event or events you prefer and plan a beautiful trip to Tuscany. The proximity of Fiesole to Florence should erase any doubts! Among the many hotels in Florence we have on offer, choose the one that best suits your needs and the game is done. Since concerts in Florence take place in the evening, you will have all day to visit the fantastic Tuscan city, so make sure you take advantage of our tours in Florence. You are bound do find interesting suggestions on how to spend your time here pleasantly. Want a few examples? Try the fun Hop-on hop-off city tour on a double-decker bus, an unmissable Panoramic tour of Florence and Uffizi with skip-the-line entrance or, if you want to taste Tuscan delicacies, try the Walk in Florence and visit to the Central Market with tasting. Are you all packed? I can’t blame you: make sure you haven’t forgotten light clothing and a cardigan for the evening: a soft breeze blows lightly above the steps of the Fiesole theatre at night. Have fun!


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Period: From 21 June 2017 to 27 July 2017

Event location: Fiesole

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