Effetto Venezia 2019

Enjoy the 34rd edition: market stalls, music and shows along Livorno’s canals

From 31 July 2019 to 04 August 2019

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Everything is now ready for one of the most awaited Livorno events in 2019! The characteristic district La Venezia Nuova is ready to welcome the 34th edition of Effetto Venezia which, from July 31 to august 4, will see performances, concerts, exhibitions and interesting cultural events alternate... As usual, there will be stalls selling handcrafted objects and antiques, as well as enticing food stalls and various dining options. In addition, for the occasion, the locals will lay outdoor tables giving guests the opportunity to dine outdoors. Do not forget that Livorno is also home to the famous Tuscan fish soup, so much so that in mid-June the 'Caciucco Pride', a gastronomic festival-contest fought with ladles, takes place. Look for one of the 'restaurants with 5 Cs' that, apart from the correct spelling of the dish, offer the real recipe of DOP Cacciucco. You'll be left licking your lips... and your ears too! Livorno all lit up for the celebrations will contribute in making you enjoy a lively and romantic evening worth remembering.

For more than 30 years, this great event has brightened up the summer of Livorno: a lively popular festival for young and old where local artists perform, as well as important national and international artists. The numbers of Effetto Venezia 2019 speak for themselves and are proof of the event’s growing success! Plus, Effetto Venezia's Facebook profile has gone from 840 likes in 2012 to more than 40,000 now! Not to mention the 145,000 visitors, more than 100 shows distributed in more than 20 locations and 49 places where to eat! So waste no time and get organized to take part in the unmissable Effetto Venezia that in 2019 promises to repeat the great success of the previous years.

The theme of the 34th edition of Effetto Venezia will be ‘From free port to the Italian capital of culture’. In 1676 the Medicis declared Livorno a free port and granted it a considerable degree of independence that led to the proliferation of maritime and commercial activities. This attracted Jews, Greeks, Spanish Muslims and English Catholics to Livorno which became a true cosmopolitan city. If the free port represents the past and the identity of Livorno, the aspiration to become the capital of culture 2021 represents the future, the desire to make an important step forward in tourism in Tuscany and Italy as well. The Effetto Venezia 2019 theme, therefore, stems from the desire of presenting a rich and important program that can increase the profile of the city and also offer opportunities for people to be together and share moments. The Effetto Venezia program 2019 is therefore full of exciting events with artists the likes of Killer Queen, Motta, Enrico Nigiotti, Morgan, Bobo Rondelli and Mauro Pagani. In addition to the four evenings on the Effetto Venezia main stage, the organizers are working hard on the additional stages where music, dance and theater performances will be showcased. For the latest info and the Effetto Venezia line up 2019 check out the event website where you can find out about the confirmed artists who will be there to liven up the warm nights of the summer in Livorno.



  • Radiostop Festival - Wednesday July 31 - Piazza del luogo Pio - 22.30
    An evening packed with performances by more than 10 artists from the contemporary music scene in Italy who will take the stage in Livorno with the best songs from their repertoire.

  • Motta - Thursday August 1 - Piazza del luogo Pio - 22.30
    Motta’s concert in Livorno is one of the most anticipated in the Effetto Venezia lineup of 2019. His ‘Tra chi vince e chi perde 2019’ tour will present a new show inspired by his last hit ‘Dov’è l’Italia’ which he released at the last edition of the San Remo Festival. Motta is a magnetic performer who gives his best when on stage. What to expect then? Definitely an exciting live concert where new sounds will take you into unexpected music worlds.

  • Killer Queen Livorno - Friday August 2 - Piazza del posto Pio - 22.30
    If the box office hit ‘Bohemian Rapsody’ has made you feel nostalgic, the Killer Queen concert is just the thing for you! This is one of the most important Queen tribute bands that has been performing for more than 24 years and has won important awards around the world. But Killer Queen are definitely no copycats and their concerts are set to electrify the audiences of Effetto Venezia in Tuscany with the passion and desire to play Queen’s timeless hits.

  • Enrico Nigiotti - Saturday August 3 - Piazza del luogo Pio - 22.30
    Can you imagine a concert at Effetto Venezia without somebody bread and born in Livorno? Enter Enrico Giolitto, in Livorno during Effetto Venezia 2019! A young artist who has already worked with important people: the director Virzì, for whom he wrote two songs for the movie ‘La pazza gioia’, and singers the likes of Gianna Nannini, Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini. His solo career is just as remarkable, just think of ‘Nonno Hollywood’, the wonderful song he released at the last edition of the San Remo Festival. In short, Enrico Nigiotti’s concert is again something not to be missed amongst the Effetto Venezia concerts!

  • Tribute to De André with Morgan, Mauro Pagni and Bobo Rondelli - Sunday August 4 - Piazza del luogo Pio - 22.30
    The music Festival in Livorno in 2019 wraps up with a ‘Tribute to Fabrizio de André’ twenty years after his death. There will be Morgan in Livorno on the stage on this occasion together with maestro Mauro Pagani, a great multi-instrumentalist musician and best friend with Faber. They will take it in turns on the stage to play two albums by De Andrè: ‘Creuza de mä’ for Pagani and ‘Non al Denaro, non all’amore né al cielo for Morgan in Livorno. Bobo Rondelli in Livorno, on the stage of Piazza del Luogo Pio, will be a very welcomed special guest of an evening event where there will be many surprises.

Among the events in Livorno 2019 do not miss Effetto Venezia, from July 31st to August 4th in the Pentagono del Buontalenti! Are you wondering how to get to the Effetto Venezia venues? Panic not, the city has several car parks and also a shuttle service that will leave during the festival from the Modigliani Forum.

If you have some free time, before the concerts and the events, take a look at our section on excursions departing from the Port of Livorno: you will find many suggestions on how to visit the most characteristic places of Tuscany!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 31 July 2019 to 04 August 2019

Event location: Livorno

Contacts: more info on the official website www.livorno-effettovenezia.it

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