Effetto Venezia 2017

Let's start the 32nd edition: music, theater, cinema and art

From 26 July 2017 to 30 July 2017

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Everything is by now ready for one of the most anticipated Livorno events 2017. The quaint District La Venezia Nuova lends itself to the 32nd edition of Effetto Venezia, which from July 26th to 30th will alternate shows, concerts, exhibitions and interesting cultural enterprises. As usual, there will be stalls selling handicraft objects and antiques, as well as tempting gastronomic stands and various food courts. In addition, especially for this occasion restaurants in the area will put up tables outdoors, giving guests the opportunity to dine in the fresh air. Do not forget that Livorno is also the homeland of the famous Tuscan fish soup, so much so that in mid-June the 'Caciucco Pride' takes place: a gourmet party-contest fought with ladle sticks! Look for one of the '5 C' restaurants that apart from spelling dish names properly offer the genuine recipe of the Cacciucco d.o.v. Get ready to lick your lips... and even your ears! In fact, festive Livorno, lit up and magical, will contribute in creating a both lively and romantic evening to remember.

For over 30 years now this great event has filled the summers of Livorno’s inhabitants: a joyful folk festival for young and old, where local artists perform and where important domestic and national shows have been held over the years. Even this year, the Effetto Venezia program 2017 will not disappoint, and even if at the time we write it has not yet been fully outlined, big names of the likes of Seun Kuti and Bandabardò have already been announced. For the latest updates and all the dates of Effetto Venezia 2017, check out the event website and you will find all the latest news on guests who will liven up the warm nights of the Livorno summer. 

  • July 28th 2017: Afrobeat suggestions by Seun Kuti and Egypt 80
    The 32nd edition of Effetto Venezia will see its stage in Piazza del Luogo Pio be occupied by he who has been defined as 'the Aphrobeat messiah'. This is a kind of pop music born in West Africa in the second half of the sixties and became particularly popular in the 1980s. It combines traditional yoruba, jazz, funk and other music genres. The greatest exponent of Aphrobeat was the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti, who died prematurely in 1997. It is at this point that Seun, at the age of 15, took on the role of singer in his father's band: the great Egypt 80. Seun Kuti proposes an afrobeat music influenced by black-music, rap and soul, whereas his lyrics contains messages concerning political and social issues. Kuti's intense pieces speak of corruption, brutality, but also of health and identity and African beauty. The Nigerian artist’s concert promises to be one of the not-to-be-missed concerts at Effetto Venezia Festival 2017. Among other things, Seun Kuti and Egypt 80’s stage in Livorno 2017 is the only one in Italy in his world tour, so you do not have excuses, that evening you must be at the Festival Livorno 2017 enjoying the music of the one who has been defined as 'the most infernal rhythmic machine in tropical Africa'!
  • July 29th 2017: Bandabardo's engaging rock/folk concert
    What better way to lighten up and animate the already sparkling atmosphere of Effetto Venezia in Livorno 2017? Bandabardo' obviously! It is the most ‘crazy, passionate, resonant and colourful’ Italian folk group. Born in 1983, the Florentine rock/folk band’s name is a tribute to the great actress Brigitte Bardot. They will perform on the main stage of the festival promising an evening packed with entertainment. Wear comfortable shoes and let yourself go: you will definitely want to dance to the well-known songs such as ‘Se mi rilasso collasso’ and ‘Ubriaco Canta amore’. This is precisely the trademark of all the Effetto Venezia Livorno concerts 2017: sharing, having fun, dancing and singing all together!
  • Live effect
    In Livorno, at Effetto Venezia Tuscany 2017 there is also the contest that presents the best local bands that offer different music genres such as pop, rock, blues and indie. The Effetto Venezia 2017 program also offers the opportunity to hear interesting emerging bands and - who knows - you might end up attending the concert of a star-to-be! So, prick up your ears and enjoy all the enthusiasm of those who perform with passion and want to get the public involved.


Among the Livorno concerts 2017 do not miss Venice Effect, from July 26th to July 30th in the Pentagono del Buontalenti. Are you wondering how to reach the venues of the event? Do not worry, the city has several parking areas and a shuttle service that will start during the kermesse from the Modigliani Forum. To fully enjoy the experience, we advise you to book one of our hotels in Livorno and enjoy 5 evenings dedicated to music and entertainment! 

If you have some spare time, we recommend giving a look to our section related to excursions from the Port of Livorno: you will find many suggestions to visit the most characteristic places in Tuscany!

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Period: From 26 July 2017 to 30 July 2017

Event location: Livorno

Contacts: info and complete program on the official website www.livorno-effettovenezia.it

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