Effetto Venezia 2016

'Livorno land of rights' the theme of the 30th edition of effetto Venezia

From 27 July 2016 to 31 July 2016


Everything is now ready for one of the most anticipated festivals in Livorno in 2016. The characteristic La Nuova Venezia district is welcoming the 30th edition of effetto venezia from 27 through to 31 July, hosting performances, concerts, exhibitions and interesting cultural initiatives. As usual, there will be stalls of crafts, gifts and antiques as well as tempting food stalls and various dining options. In addition, for the occasion, restaurants in the area will set up their tables outside giving guests the opportunity to dine outdoors and enjoy a vibrant and well-lit romantic Livorno to party...

For the past 30 years, this great event accompanies the summer of the inhabitants of Livorno: a joyful festival for young and old where local artists perform and where, over the years, important international shows like the 2015 edition Luminarium were held.

While Effetto Venezia festival 2016 aims to increase the passion of the locals for their city and their culture, on the other hand it offers an opportunity of integration with the outside world and, consequently, towards tourism.
The theme of this edition will be 'Livorno, land of rights', a title that refers to the cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic roots of this city, the cornerstones on which to build the present and the future. Hospitality, openness and generosity: it is precisely along these three themes that the event will contribute to this new idea of city.

Well, now you know the theme and dates of effetto venezia tuscany and what about the effetto venezia program 2016? There will be many and varied appointments, let's see them together!

  • BLINK CIRCUS EUROPEAN TOUR 2016: an incredible touring show suspended in mid-air between circus and photography, a unique masterpiece of its kind staged in an original marquee that develops vertically. Inside, 6 circus installations containing 130 thumbnail images to be observed only through the use of special lamps and magnifying lenses. Lorenzo Mastroianni - creator and producer of the event - is awaiting you with his Blink Circus in Livorno - Effetto Venezia 2016 to let you enjoy a truly magical experience! From July 27 to 31, in Pizza dei Domenicani, starting at 20:00.
  • On July 27 at 22:00 Piazza del Luogo Pio will showcase the irony of PAOLO MIGONE- 2016 TOUR. On stage, in addition to the well-known comedian born in Brazil but raised in Livorno, the Gatti Mezzi jazz-swing band and the actor Andrea Kaemmerle. A winning combination for a fun show in Tuscan sauce on the theme of 'Duties', which exacerbates the urge to flee to places other than those in which we feel obliged to live. Laughter guaranteed!
    The task of opening the show will be entrusted to '10 Diaz', winner of the competition' Effetto Live 2015 . They will entertain the audiences of Livorno with simple but effective lyrics and original musical arrangements.
  • Vertigo Theatre of Livorno will be the location of several livorno events 2016 included in the calendar of effetto venezia livorno 2016: July 27 will host the 33th edition of 'Author Space', known musical competition that features all-round Italian music. July 28 will be the turn of 'The other side of opera', where a tenor and an imitator will contest the stage at the expense of an unsuspecting pianist who will be involved in this nice diatribe.
    On July 29 Barbara Mugnai will stage 'Anatomy of an Awakening', an ironic, but at the same time poignant tale, on the importance of respecting all life forms on our planet.
    The actor and comedian Michael Crestacci, will present on July 30 'Modigliani', a show - preceded by two short films - dedicated to Amedeo Modigliani, the artist from Livorno who was particularly mistreated by his fellow citizens.
    The task of concluding the effetto venezia program 2016 will be entrusted to the actress Veronica Pivetti who, on July 31, will present her first work as a director 'Neither Romeo nor Juliet', a film on the current issue of homosexuality and that will be screened soon after the conference.
  • Piazza del Luogo Pio will host several livorno concerts 2016: July 28 will see the performance of James Senese & Napoli Centrale, a band that combines folk and contemporary music and has collaborated with internationally renowned artists. The James Senese concert will be opened by B-Folks, one of the emerging groups of the exhibition 'Effetto Live 2015'.
    On July 29, everybody on the dance floor with 'Impress', a performance that skillfully combines art and music. Three great deejays - Marco Effe, Luca Albano a.k.a. Weg and Claudio Coccoluto - for an evening full of dance!
    On Saturday, July 30 there will be three live events at the Piazza del Luogo Pio: the performance of 'Dinamitri Jazz Folklore', one of the most original contemporary bands in the panorama of Italian jazz will start at 21:00 followed, soon after, by 'Tinariwen', an extraordinary open band, composed of a large number of Tuareg musicians from the South Sahara regions of Mali. Both concerts have joined effetto venezia livorno 2016 thanks to the prestigious joint ventures with narrow Fabbrica Europa and the Au Desert Festival in order to enhance the multicultural spirit of the Tuscan city.
    'Four for Africa', emerging group of the 'Effetto Live 2015' festival, will wrap up with their live concert this exciting evening dedicated to African music.
    Sunday, July 31, again in the Piazza Pio Place, effetto venezia festival 2016 will come to an end with the unmissable theatre show 'I am alone, with you' by Paolo Ruffini and Claudia Campolongo, a great tribute to Giorgio Gaber, where there will be pleasant moments of interaction with the audience.


Among the livorno events 2016, do not miss Effetto Venezia, from July 27 to 31 in the Pentagono del Buontalenti. To better enjoy your experience, book one of our hotels in Livorno and enjoy 5 evenings of music and fun!

And if you have a little free time, please consult the section on tours departing from the Port of Livorno: you will find many proposals to visit the most characteristic places of Tuscany!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 27 July 2016 to 31 July 2016

Event location: Livorno

Contacts: info and complete program on the official website www.livorno-effettovenezia.it

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