Dialoghi sull'Uomo 2019

Meetings, lectures, shows, film and exhibitions for the most anticipated anthropological festival

From 24 May 2019 to 26 May 2019

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From 24 to 26 May, 'Dialoghi sull'uomo' is again taking center stage in Pistoia. The long-awaited contemporary anthropology festival turns 10 and promises, as in past editions, to liven up the Tuscan town with interesting and lively cultural events. Three emotions-filled days showcasing talks with national and international speakers, shows, screenings and exhibitions. These are the ingredients that make Pistoia Dialoghi sull’uomo 2019 one of the most anticipated and popular events in Pistoia. Suffice it to say that the Pistoia festival boasts a remarkable number of participants: 167,000 entries in past editions, 300 guests and 320 events in 10 years plus an incredible number of social media followers. In Pistoia Dialoghi sull'uomo 2019 will not disappoint expectations, offering for its 10th edition a packed and exciting program. Proof of this is the fact that more than two thousand Dialoghi sull'uomo tickets were sold on the first day.

Coexistence: The work of intertwining lives, stories and fates. This is the topic chosen for the 10th anniversary of Pistoia Dialoghi sull’Uomo 2019 which is all centered on the idea of living with, living together, respecting each other but at the same time respecting the Earth where we live. As Giulia Cogoli, director of the event, emphasizes, we need to rekindle interest in other people and different cultures with the awareness that we are together on a journey on the same boat, freed from the constraints of racism and indifference. As suggested by the title of what is one of the most important cultural events in Pistoia, the heart of the program of the Festival in Pistoia Dialoghi sull’uomo is represented by its encounters and conferences. There will also be important food for thought during the shows and concerts that will take place especially in the evening. The Pistoia Festival has something in store for the young as well and they too can have fun and learn thanks to workshops, shows and the doll hospital where they will repair and take care of broken toys. Read on and we will give you further information, while for the detailed program with dates, times and locations of all events not to be missed during Pistoia Dialogues on man in 2019 we advise you to visit the website of the event: www.dialoghisulluomo.it. What’s more, from last year, an 'App' is available for free download on Playstore and Applestore. It will keep you fully updated and give you the possibility to create your own list of events to follow with all the necessary details. For all your needs, you can always turn to the volunteers, students and people of all ages who every year with their commitment make the event a success! It is not difficult to spot them, there will be at least 300 and they will wear a white t-shirt with the event’s logo!



  • Friday 24 May
    It will be down to Enzo Bianchi, founder of the Bose monastic community, to kick off the 10th edition with his opening lecture, with free admission: "Together ... there is no man without another man". The Dialogues on Man meetings will continue with ‘Words to divide, words to share’, a talk with Federico Falloppa and Adriano Favole that will address this year's theme in a linguistic key. The anthropologist Marco Aime with ‘From building communities to erecting walls: why does racism sometimes win? will bring the day to an end.

  • Saturday 25 May
    A packed list of events for the central day, and those wishing to participate will face the daunting task of deciding which events to attend. It is impossible to list them all, so here is just a summary of the most anticipated ones. One of them no doubt will be with the great Spanish writer Fernando Aramburu, author of the literary sensation ‘Homeland’, who will question himself and the journalist Wlodek Goldkorn on the subject of writing as a form of memory against oblivion. Dialoghi sull'uomo shows on Saturday will delve, thanks to psychologist Eugenio Borgna, on the difficulty of coexisting with illness while Elena Gagliasso and Francesco Remotti will reflect on the concept of individual identity. Photographer Paolo Pellegrin, famous for his war reportages, in a conversation with Roberto Koch will discuss the subject of conflict and borders.

  • Sunday 26 May
    Amongst the writers’ lectures at Dialoghi sull'Uomo, Michela Murgia and Ritanna Armeni’s ‘Unity is strength. Ideals and stories of those who believed in collectivity’ is certainly one of the most anticipated. They will recount stories and motivations, often of women. Another interesting talk will be Matteo Leoncini’s ‘Solitary dialogues. Why do teenagers share but not coexist?’. Grammenos Mastrojeni will instead present a reflection on the environment, while Maurizio Ambrosini will question the integration of second generations. On a historical note, Adriano Prosperi's talk will focus on the beginning of the present world.

    Dialoghi sull'uomo shows 2019: The Pistoia festival on anthropology this year lists once again two excellent shows: Friday 24 at Teatro Manzoni the Italian premiere of 'The hammock of tomorrow' by journalist, writer and television author Michele Serra, Saturday 25 the festival’s participants will enjoy the Avion Travel concert, a kind of biographical-musical journey especially created for Dialogues on Man 2019. Every night will also end with a film screening at the Bolognini Theater introduced by the critic Paola Jacobbi. These are three great masterpieces by Luchino Visconti: "Rocco and his brothers", "The Leopard" and "Conversation Piece".

    Dialogues on Man 2019 International Award: the third edition of the prize will be awarded to Vandana Shiva, an Indian physicist and economist and one of the world's leading experts in social ecology. Following the award ceremony, on Saturday 25 May at 21.30 Vandana Shiva will hold a lecture entitled: ‘Learning to share our planet: it is everyone’s!’

    Pistoia photo exhibition: this year again, during the festival from 24 May to 30 June, the Sale Affrescate of Palazzo del Comune in Pistoia will show the free exhibition 'Paolo Pellegrin – Humanity’s borders', showcasing 60 previously unseen pictures shot in Algeria, Egypt, Kurdistan, Palestine and the United States where the human being always takes center stage.

    Dialoghi sull’uomo 2019 in Pistoia is your chance to visit this lovely medieval town. And why not take advantage of the proximity with Florence? It is only 30 kilometers away! Treating yourself to one of our Tours in Florence could just be the thing to turn your cultural weekend in Tuscany into a perfect getaway.

Dialoghi sull’uomo 2019
: Anthropological festival

Location: Pistoia, town centre

Dates: 24-26 May 2019

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Period: From 24 May 2019 to 26 May 2019

Event location: Pistoia

Contacts: info & full programme on the official website www.dialoghisulluomo.it/en/en-front

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