Dialoghi sull'Uomo 2018

Meetings, lectures, shows, film and exhibitions for the most anticipated anthropological festival

From 25 May 2018 to 27 May 2018

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From 25 to 27 May, 'Dialoghi sull'uomo' is again taking centre stage in Pistoia. It is a long-awaited contemporary anthropology festival and the source over the past nine years of Pistoia’s lively and interesting cultural scene. Three emotions-filled days showcasing talks with national and international speakers, shows, screenings and exhibitions. These are the ingredients that make Pistoia Dialoghi sull’uomo 2018 one of the most anticipated and popular events in Pistoia. Suffice it to say that the Pistoia festival, from its first edition, has actually tripled the number of visitors who attend its events: a total of 250 events including conferences, shows and talks. In Pistoia Dialoghi sull'uomo 2018 will not disappoint expectations, offering for its 9th edition a packed and exciting program. Proof of this is the fact that more than two thousand Dialoghi sull'uomo tickets were sold on the first day.


'Breaking the rules: creativity and change' is the theme of this year's edition of Pistoia Dialogues on man, which will provide the opportunity to ponder on what are the factors that underlie the creative production and the consequent evolution of human beings. What drives man to change? How important is it to 'break the rules' and enter uncharted territory to embark on a real journey towards change? These will be the interconnected themes presented at the various events of the festival conceived and directed by Giulia Cogoli. As suggested by the title of what is one of the most important cultural events in Pistoia, the heart of the program of the Festival in Pistoia Dialoghi sull’uomo is represented by its encounters and conferences. There will also be important food for thought during the shows and concerts that will take place especially in the evening. Read on and we will give you further information, while for the detailed program with dates, times and locations of all events not to be missed during Pistoia Dialogues on man in 2018 we advise you to visit the website of the event: www.dialoghisulluomo.it. What’s more, this year for the first time, an 'App' is available for free download on Playstore and Applestore. It will keep you fully updated and give you the possibility to create your own list of events to follow with all the necessary details.


    As scripted, the 9th edition opens on 25 May at 16.30 under the white tensile structure that for three days will reign over the beautiful Piazza del Duomo. The acclaimed writer Alessandro Baricco will kick start the Dialoghi sull'uomo exhibition with the opening conference entitled 'Seven Things to Know About Digital Insurrection'. The day’s program will continue with the participation of the anthropologist Adriano Favole who, starting from travel stories and anthropological research experiences, will investigate the process that leads human beings to try and change their lives. The writer Simonetta Agnello Hornby and the psychologist Massimo Cirri will question themselves instead on the theme of being 'Differently creative'. The second day of Pistoia Dialoghi sull’uomo will be jam-packed with events: it is just impossible to list them all! They will be in full swing already in the morning thanks to the interesting contribution from the writer Nadia Fusini centered on the Bloomsbury circle, which enlisted prominent figures such as Virgina Woolf, Lytton Strachey and J.M Keynes. Equally engaging will be the exchange delving on 'Art, power and innovation' between the sociologist Alessandro del Lago and the video artist Serena Giordano. Among the Dialoghi sull'uomo meetings, Marco Malvadi will present a discussion on the unsuspected proximity between chemistry and poetry, which promises to be particularly appealing. The Norwegian anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen will add an international touch to this edition of the Pistoia’s anthropology festival in 2018, with an argumentation around the hypothesis that in our increasingly connected society survival can only be possible thorough slowing down and downsizing. Even during the last day of what surely is one of the most important cultural events in Pistoia, the spectators who have come from all over Italy to visit the Dialoghi sull'uomo exhibition will find a rich and intense program awaiting them. The theme of the 1968 revolution will be addressed by the historian Giovanni di Luna as a prelude to the screening scheduled for the evening. The next speakers will be the philosopher Francesca Rigotti with an all-encompassing discussion on creativity in philosophy and the psychologist Massimo Recalcati who will investigate the complicated relationship between law, desire and creativity. On the afternoon of 27 May, Richard Sennet, one of the most important and influential contemporary anthropologists, will be in the spotlight. The list of writers lectures in Dialoghi sull’uomo will end at 18.30 with Moni Ovadia: the famous actor, writer and playwright will talk about laughter as a way to escape, with a focus on how this is the only salvation for the long-suffering Jewish people.


    The concert of Nicola Piovani will take place on Friday, 25 May at 21.30: the composer and musician will stage at the Manzoni Theater 'Music is dangerous' a musical journey that combines original and rearranged pieces that retrace his rich artistic path. Also, at the Manzoni theater, the following day the actor Fabrizio Gifuni will read texts by Paolo Pasolini both on his anthropological vision of society and of a more evocative and personal character. Each day will end at the Bolognini theater with a film screening dedicated to the 1968 protests: 25 May will feature 'I Pugni in Tasca' by Marco Bellocchio, whilst 26 May is your chance to watch again 'Hair', the definitive hippy manifesto. The short film festival will end with director Olivier Assayas’s 'Something in the air'.


  • '2018 Dialoghi sull'uomo' EXHIBITION
    From 25 May to 2 July in the splendid frescoed rooms of the Palazzo Comunale, you can visit the fantastic Magnum photos exhibition in Pistoia curated by Giulia Cogoli and Davide Daninos and organized in association with Magnum Photos and Contrasto. Among the events in Pistoia during Dialoghi sull’uomo in 2018 we are certain many of you will not want to miss the chance to see this must-see exhibition: 40 shots by important photographers portraying character studies such as Francis Bacon, Giorgio De Chirico, Albert Einstein, Frida Khalo and Pablo Picasso just to name a few. The Pistoia photo exhibition is perfectly linked to the theme of the 2018 anthropology festival as it presents a privileged view on the study of great innovators, exactly where creativity originates and takes shape.


So, if you missed the opportunity to discover this delightful medieval town in 2017, the year Pistoia was declared Capital of Culture, Dialoghi sull’uomo is your chance to do it in 2018. And why not take advantage of the proximity with Florence? It is only 30 kilometers away!

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By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 25 May 2018 to 27 May 2018

Event location: Pistoia

Contacts: info & full programme on the official website www.dialoghisulluomo.it/en/en-front

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