Dialoghi sull'Uomo 2016

Launch of the 7th edition of the Anthropological Festival of Pistoia

From 27 May 2016 to 29 May 2016


'Humanity at play. Societies, cultures and games': this is the title of the 7th edition of 'Dialogues sull'uomo', one of the most anticipated events in Pistoia, which will take place in the historic centre of the city from 27th to 29th May 2016. Three days of talks, readings and meetings presented in a language accessible to all and aimed at an audience interested in understanding today's reality through investigation and research of new tools.

After the huge success of last year, which counted the presence of over 20,000 participants, Pistoia - Dialoghi sull'uomo returns with a new theme, that is inextricably tied to philosophy, history and anthropology but at the same time tied to the contemporary world: just think of video games, virtual reality, role play until you get to the disorder of compulsive gambling.

Often the term 'game' is reductively associated with simple recreational activities for children. In fact, it has always been the centre of culture as humanity is also built through fiction, the foreshadowing of certain situations and simulation. As the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga wrote 'Culture starts in a playful form' and it is in this direction that the festival of Pistoia festival in Italy will develop with events that should not be missed!

A unique anthropology festival in Italy, Dialoghi sull'uomo in 2016 - curated by Giulia Cogoli, has been promoted by the Caript Foundation together with the Municipality of Pistoia: over the course of the years, the Pistoia fair has gained more and more support, confirmed by the number of appearances constantly increasing. In particular, it is worth pointing out the significant participation of young people interested in anthropology - increasingly being studied at universities - and the very young for which, this year, there are several meetings and the ability to follow the debates on live streaming.

The 'Pistoia dialoghi sull'uomo 2016 program is really varied and will take place in the main squares and theatres of the city. Below we indicate a few appointments, for the full list of the anthropology festival visit the official website: www.dialoghisulluomo.it.

EXHIBITIONS. Inaugurating the Pistoia Festival, Italy an event that should not be missed: titled 'The Game', it follows the leitmotif of this edition: On display 50 photos by Ferdinando Scianna photography, one of the most important Italian photographers, made between 1962 and 2007 and printed in black and white. They are a kind of puzzle, a game within a game. 
As stated by the Sicilian reporter, you cannot photograph the game, as you cannot photograph love, but only lovers ... so those that are playing. The images chosen by Ferdinano Scianna for the exhibition in Pistoia festival, evoke what in his life has lodged in the imagination of his conscience, especially in childhood. 
To complete the exhibition, a photographic installation on the subject of compulsive gambling which, thanks to the installation of very large colour photos, will introduce you to the world in which the game becomes corruption and where the human being is too often lost. The exhibition will be staged at the Town Hall in Piazza Duomo, and will run until 3 July 2016.

MEETINGS. Ample space will be devoted to meetings and debates that will reveal aspects, often known of the game. The issue will be discussed from a philosophical, sports, television and intellectual point of view, with guests of great value such as, for example, the actor and director Giole Dix who, in the Pistoia eventst will read 'Novella degli Scacchi', the famous masterpiece written by Stefan Zwaig in 1942 and Davide Tortorella (television author and son of the famous Cino) who will present 'Dal telequiz al game-show: la trama del gioco in tv ', a reflection on the changes of games proposed by television over the past 60 years.

Dialogues sull'uomo in Pistoia 2016 offers great expectations for the meeting with Arturo Brachetti, one of the fastest-changing artists in the world, who will present himself in a spectacular evening, made of illusions and fantastic voyages: a sincere dialogue, face to face with the public, that will bring out his ability to turn himself into a thousand characters, wearing not only their clothes but especially their soul. Are you ready for an incredible journey into fantasy?

FILM. Do not miss the events with cinema in Pistoia in 2016: there are three projections in the program, all centred on the theme of the game. 'The Great Sinner' of 1949, directed by Robert Siodmak, who analyses in a perfect way the mechanisms of gambling habit; 'The Hustler', the American masterpiece of 1961 directed by Robert Rossen in which a young Paul Newman plays the role of a snooker player known as 'Fast Eddie'; finally 'The Tenth Victim' directed in 1965 by Elio Petri, a film that anticipates not only science fiction movies where the game is the theme of social emancipation but also the idea of the present reality shows.

GAMES. The most entertaining events in Pistoia take place on Sunday 29 May in Piazza Duomo for 'The Pistoia game. Hunt for the hidden treasures in the city ', a real treasure hunt, organized for the occasion, which will allow you to explore five places of the old town in search of the answers you need to win!

Among the events in Pistoia, mark on your agenda 'Dialoghi sull'uomo from 27th to 29th May 2016!

We suggest you take the opportunity to discover this beautiful city, proclaimed capital of Italian Culture for 2017 but, to date, still little known: Pistoia. What is there to see in Pistoia? Piazza del Duomo, and the magnificent Cathedral of Saint Zeno and the Fortress of Saint Barbara are just some of the places that you should visit! Pistoia is also the location of some of the most famous events in Tuscany, such as the Pistoia Blues Festival, Dialoghi sull'uomo and the Bear Joust.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 27 May 2016 to 29 May 2016

Event location: Pistoia

Contacts: info on official site dialoghisulluomo.it

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