De Chirico, Savinio and Les Italiens de Paris

From Modigliani to De Chirico, Lucca celebrates the 'Italians in Paris'

From 17 October 2015 to 14 February 2016


Did you think the Lucca calendar of events ended this year with the legendary Lucca Comics & Games? Wrong! LUCCA Museum, until 14 February 2016, will host 'De Chirico, Savinio and Les Italiens de Paris', one of the most promising Lucca exhibitions.

This interesting Lucca art exhibition in Tuscany boasts over 50 paintings created between 1928 and 1933 by a group of seven Italian painters: Alberto Savinio, Giorgio De Chirico, Campigli, Mario Tozzi, Filippo De Pisis, Gino Severini and René Paresce.

These great artists, although stylistically very different from each other, worked with a common goal in common: to reaffirm the centrality of art in the Italian capital of art that counts, Paris.

An ode to the beautiful country and a strong sense of belonging: these are the main features of the Lucca exhibition, a symbolic narrative - but not nostalgic - of the last period in which the Italian artists distinguished themselves from the crowd.

Les 'Italiens de Paris', the protagonists of this wonderful exhibition at the Museum of Lucca, Italy while expressing themselves artistically in a completely different way, firmly adhered to certain principles, in a sort of tacit agreement: to reiterate the importance of Italian visual art and remain firmly anchored to the precious values of the past rather than looking for an innovative style; whilst enjoying the maximum freedom of expression.

At that time Paris was a vibrant and very exciting place: for this reason, many artists chose it as a source of inspiration and as a destination for interesting meetings and cultural exchanges. From there Savinio De Chirico, Campigli, Tozzi, De Pisis, Severini and Paresce became incredibly successful, due solely due to their innate talent. Rejecting the so-called 'easy success', they preferred to travel the 'self' road, certainly more tortuous but personally rewarding.

'Les Italiens de Paris' showed a great strength of character and patriotism that were rarely seen again in Italian art in the following years.

With a nonconformist attitude, our brave artists were able to 'start from the past', looking back and taking the ideas needed for inspiration and to propose new work.

And it is precisely this sense of national identity that characterizes the new Lucca art exhibition, considered one of the flagship events of the year.

The splendid paintings of De Chirico exhibition on display: Savinio exhibition, Campigli, Tozzi, De Pisis, Severini and Paresce, all coming exclusively from Italian museums and valuable private collections.

There will be also two works by Amedeo Modigliani and Ardengo Soffici, great Tuscan artists that somehow paved the way to the 'Les Italiens de Paris'.

The rich Lucca art exhibition will close with a work created by Ezio Gribaudo in 1968 for Giorgio de Chirico, a tribute that the painter dedicated to his great friend Master of Metaphysics

Amongst the current exhibitions in Lucca, do not miss the 'De Chirico exhibition, Savinio and les italiens de Paris', open to the public until 14 February 2016, which is the continuation of an interesting retrospective on the 20th century Italian undertaken by the Lucca Center Contemporary Art, which opened last year with the great exhibition dedicated to Macchiaioli.

It is worthwhile to say a few words about the location of the event, the Lucca Center of Contemporary. Housed in the five floors of Palazzo Boccella - old building in the historic center - the cultural center hosts important exhibitions of contemporary art, which are cyclically arranged in the eight modern exhibition halls, white boxes designed as neutral environments that can accommodate any type of modern art exhibition, from paintings to sculptures, from installations to video art.

The Lucca Museum Italy of Contemporary Art also organizes training courses, workshops and meetings dedicated to schools, children and families.
There is also a bookshop where visitors can purchase art catalogues, books and merchandising dedicated to the museum and the various exhibitions on show.
To round off your visit, you can enjoy delicious meals at the gourmet restaurant ' L'Imbuto', located on the upper of the building.

If you have some time available, take advantage of this fantastic Lucca exhibition to visit Lucca and other wonderful Tuscan cities with our cultural tour. On you will find numerous opportunities to discover with us the many beauties of this region!


LUCCA ART EXHIBITIONS 2015 present 'De Chirico, Savinio and Les Italiens de Paris'

Location: Museum L.




A. Italy - Via della Fratta, Lucca

Dates: 17 October 2015 to 14 February 2016

Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00


Full Price:€9.00

Reduced: €7 (groups with more than 15 people, under 18 and over 65, residents, students, teachers, mobility impaired, members of Arci, FAI, the Italian Touring Club, Edmuseicard, CRA, travel guides and foreign journalists)

Free for children up to age 6, 1 escort, Italian journalists, tour guides of Lucca, Army staff, Police and ICOM members.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 17 October 2015 to 14 February 2016

Event location: Lucca

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