Danzainfiera 2019

The unmissable Florence event for all dance lovers

From 21 February 2019 to 24 February 2019

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From February 21st to 24th, at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, the magic of Danzainfiera will return: a much-anticipated event that has attracted fans of all dance styles for thirteen years, from classical ballet to hip-hop, musical, flamenco and even Bollywood dance! Danzainfiera in Florence will give you the opportunity to express your passion for dance in the most complete and engaging way. The Danzainfiera program offers a rich choice of lessons, internships, workshops, exhibitions as well as a wide range of stands where you can buy the perfect clothing and accessories to match your style. The 2019 edition will give great importance to new trends including many ethnical varieties such as the Punjab dance, the Arabian flamenco but also the American flagging dance or the Australian Sambatewado. Another interesting front of 15^ edition of Danzainfiera will be connected to dance as therapy with personalities such as Chiara Pedroni champion of wheelchair dance sport and Simone Sistarelli who created the project Popping for Parkinson’s. 

Florence Danzainfiera is a truly unmissable opportunity - whether you are professionals, teachers, young people with a dancing spirit or fans of performances. This Florence dance fair is definitely one of the most anticipated events in Fortezza da Basso, and we are sure you don’t want to miss out. Florence and the art of dancing together make for a winning combination to have a wonderful weekend in Tuscany. You will have a fantastic few days in the city living on the tip of your toes, whether because you are raptured by the Latin rhythms or because you are dancing to the music with your pals. Are your feet already moving? Then let us spoil you by giving you a sneak peek into the rich calendar of the Florence dance event:


DANZAINFIERA: DANCE CLASSES, INTERNSHIPS AND WORKSHOPS. These activities are at the heart of the whole event. Danzainfiera internships give dancers of all levels the possibility to challenge themselves, with top-level teachers from all over the world and from all styles. Dancing in Florence will take all its possible forms especially for this event. You will have the chance to try some dance lessons with the much-feared Alessandra Celentano from the TV Program ‘Amicior attend some great master classes with Evgenia Obraztsova who has been the main dancer of the mythical Bolshoi since 2012. She danced on the most important theatre such the Scala in Milan and the Opera in Paris.  If you prefer trainers to ballet shoes and styles such as hip-hop or break-dance, you must absolutely attend the workshop with Kenzo Alvares: dancer, choreograph and Dj with an important teaching career in the Netherlands and in other countries. Another important guest of the 2019 edition is Jimmy Yudat the founder of the Yudat Group. He took part to many contests and won important titles all over the world. The list doesn’t end here and includes names of great and important guests because in Florence for Danzainfiera you’ll find everything about dance: oriental dances, flamenco, Latin-American, tribal and even Bollywood dance! 


DANCE FAIR: FLORENCE EXHIBITIONS AND SHOWS. If you prefer to watch dancers perform instead of challenging yourself, you will find many Florence dance shows and performances to watch. The dance shows in Florence on the occasion of DIF 2018 will include performances by established dance groups but also by emerging choreographers and companies, charming shows of oriental dances and even a Burlesque contest. Fiera della danza in Florence is also hosting lots of fashion shows to admire the latest trends and innovations in the field. This dance event in Florence will also spark your interest and sweep you into a whirlwind of rhythms, colours and music for a fascinating journey around the world. From this year thanks to the fuoriDIF (outstide DIF) during the week-end of the event the theatres in Florence will run dance shows.


DANZAINFIERA STAND. Like all other Fortezza da Basso events in Florence, Danzainfiera XIII edition has many stands to look at. They are divided into two areas of 8,000 and 6,000 square meters respectively. In the first exhibition area on the ground floor of the Spadolini Pavilion you will find dance and fitness clothing, all kinds of costumes and footwear for all styles, food, wellness and cosmetic products but also magazines and specialized books . In the other area, inside the same pavilion but on the second floor, various dance schools, associations, federations, companies and theaters will have stands at Danzanfiera where you can meet dancers, choreographers and teachers who are keen to share their experience. For this Florence dance contest 2018 we recommend you visit 'Atelier Italia', an exhibition area where all the excellence of Made in Italy is highlighted in the creation of fantastic costumes.


AUDITIONS, COMPETITIONS AND CASTING. Workshop Danzainfiera is also a great opportunity for those who want to be noticed in Danzainfiera performances and join a dance group or one of the most prestigious international academies. The 'Expression' dance contest, for example, annually distributes scholarships and cash prizes made available by dance schools and companies. Categories again range from ballet to modern jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and urban, involving dancers of all ages! This Florence dance master-class seems like a great opportunity for all young dancers. If you want to study more than perform, then you can take part in dance auditions in Florence to have the chance to enter high-education centers such as the Joeffry Ballet School, the American Ballet Theater, the Vaganova Academy.


DANZAINFIERA CHILDREN. Danzainfiera is one of the shows in Florence, Italy that attracts a very high audience of children. There will be areas and dance classes Danzainfiera dedicated to children to let them have fun and make their first moves accompanied by trained and competent staff. At Danzanfiera under 14s will perform in the frame 'Junior parade', a fantastic chance where talented dancers can perform in front of an audience of professionals and ordinary spectators.


In short, if you love dance, Fiera della Danza in Florence is just right for you! Take a look at the event website www.danzainfiera.it to not miss any of the many events that will take place from February 21st to 24th. You can also find information regarding Danzainfiera tickets, timetables and all the details. Make the most of this exciting dance contest in Florence to spend a few days in Tuscany. Can you imagine? You can alternate pirouettes and grand jetè with a visit to the Uffizi or an unforgettable walk across Ponte Vecchio! To better appreciate the gems of the 'Pearl of the Renaissance' we advise you to choose one of our fantastic tours in Florence. We will warn the guides that the groups might move with dance steps... But we at toscanainside.com will definitely not stop you! So feel free, even while visiting the city, to give free rein to all your desire to dance... have fun!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 21 February 2019 to 24 February 2019

Event location: Florence

Contacts: full program www.danzainfiera.it/en/

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