Cortona Mix Festival 2019

Everything’s ready for the 8th edition!

From 17 July 2019 to 21 July 2019

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Now in its 8th edition, the Cortona Mix Festival, which will take place from July 17th to 21st, is set to meet the success of previous years. Behind the numbers of its crowds lies a great formula for which the festival is respected. During the Cortona Mix Festival 2019, the enchanting village in the heart of Tuscany will be brought to life by a series of events that mix different artistic languages: music, theater and literature. All in wonderful locations such as Piazza Signorelli, Teatro Signorelli, the Sant'Agostino Center, Fortezza del Girifalco and Parco Archeologico del Sodo which, thanks to the line-up of events, will become even more fascinating. Let's get to the heart of the Cortona Mix Festival 2019 program!

THEME CORTONA MIX FESTIVAL 2019. ‘In tutti I sensi’ is the theme that the Comitato Cortona Cultura Mix Festival (Feltrinelli Group, Orchestra della Toscana, Accademia degli Arditi and Officine della Cultura) have chosen for this year's edition. A theme that reaffirms the event’s aspirations: to focus not on a single discipline but to open the door to a mixture of languages and contents. But ‘In tutti i sensi’ can also be interpreted under a different light related to the need not to follow a single thought and take refuge on fixed positions, but accept different interpretations of the world around us. It will be in this perspective that the Cortona Festival guests of 2019 will offer their personal contribution and their point of view based on their artistic experiences.

CORTONA MIX FESTIVAL MEETINGS 2019. The list of events of literature at the Cortona Mix Festival is definitively packed, interesting and stimulating. In keeping with the theme of Cortona Mix Festival 2019, each of these will be based on a particular ‘sense’. Consequently, the Greek writer Petros Makaris will concentrate on the topic of hypocrisy which is the focus of the latest events of his commissioner Kostas Charitos. Eliana Liotta, author of ‘Prove di Felicita’, will offer some concrete advice on how to live with joy. Among the guests of the Cortona Festival 2019 there will also be a historical figure in the history of television: the great Pippo Baudo will talk about the meaning of success. Hard to name somebody more entitled than him to do so! Beatrice Masini, who translated all the books in the Harry Potter saga into Italian, will address the ever-fascinating theme of childhood. From the early stage of life attention will then shift to a more mature one thanks to Paola Cereda, author of ‘Quella metà di noi’ that will delve into an analysis of memory, especially in relation to the third age when memories, anecdotes, past and present are mixed. Giovanni Monatanaro, will investigate that particular phenomenon according to which we all have in our life ‘a special teacher’ and not necessarily from our time in school. Certainly, they are someone whose precious lessons we will never forget. These are just a few names and some of the ideas offered by the Cortona Mix Festival 2019 program. Have a good read through it and follow your trajectories!


True to the theme of the Cortona Festival 2019 the soundtrack will also consider different genres ranging from rock to jazz and symphonic music through the joy of marching-bands such as Archimossi and Banda Molleggiata. The PFM concert (Premiata Forneria Marconi), one of the most important bands of the ‘prog’ genre, will give all rock lovers a not-to-be-missed opportunity. If you instead prefer classical music, do not miss the two concerts of Orchestra Toscana directed by Daniela Giorgi, which will see the performance of great soloists such as Augusto Gasbarri on cello, Fabio Fabbrizzi on flute and Ivano Battiston on accordion. On Saturday there will be a double concert: Andrea Bacchetti and Michele di Toro will stage a contest challenging each other over the piano keys. Next, Nino Buonocore, author of timeless songs such as 'Scrivimi' and 'Rosanna', will offer a roundup of his hits interpreted according to an elegant jazz nuance. To close the Cortona events of music will be the Multi-ethnic Orchestra of Arezzo, which, consistently with the idea of the mix of cultures that has always characterized the festival, will showcase a unique and unmissable concert during which their album ‘Culture contro la paura’ will be launched. Many ‘friends’ such as Lodo e Carota de Lo Stato Sociale, Dario Brunori and Simona Marrazzo will also be on stage to name a few.

The Cortona Mix Festival 2019 program is with no doubt packed with events and gatherings, it would be impossible to mention them all. First of all, we recommend you make the most of your time here and spend a few days in the enchanting Tuscan village. This is the only way to enjoy as much Cortona music as possible. So, start by taking a look at the event’s official website to find out more and to buy tickets for the Cortona Mix Festival. We have one last tip to make your stay in Tuscany truly special. Why not book one of our tours in Siena? You will have the chance to discover the aspects of this wonderful city that fascinate you most: the Food tour is perfect for food lovers, whereas the walking Tour will let you explore the prettiest and most genuine parts of the Palio city! Cortona and Siena are a winning duo: so, see you in July, right?



Dates: From July 17th to 21st 2019

Location: historic center of Cortona (Piazza Signorelli for the concerts)

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By Insidecom Editorial Staff