Cortona Mix Festival 2017

Music, cinema, theater, art and literature in the 6th edition of cortona mix festival

From 19 July 2017 to 23 July 2017

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This year at its 6th edition, the Cortona Mix Festival 2017 promises to repeat the success it reached in previous years thanks to a well-known and proven formula! During the Cortona Music Festival 2017, once again the enchanting village in the heart of Tuscany will come to life with a series of events that will mix different languages: music, dance, theatre and literature. This will all take place in stunning locations such as Piazza Signorelli, Teatro Signorelli, Centro Sant'Agostino and Fortezza del Girifalco, which, combined with intriguing appointments, will become even more fascinating. Let's jump right into the rich and varied Cortona Mix Festival 2017 program!

PUPPETS, DANCE AND YOGA. In Cortona everything will start early in the morning with the puppets show that will entertain young and old at Palazzo Ferretti at 10.30 – and for sleepyheads at 12.00. Cinzia Corazzesi's ‘Acqua Matta’ on July 20th is particularly suitable for an age group between 4 and 8 years, while 'Le Guarattelle di Pulcinella' by Luca Ronga on July 21st will give you the chance to meet one of the most famous masks of the Commedia dell’Arte and the Parthenope tradition. The mornings of July 22nd and 23rd will be made magical by the dancers of Sosta Palmizi, the company that offers interesting contemporary dance courses and sees young people as the protagonists of their performances. Look around, their graceful expressiveness will pervade some corners of the historic centre with a performance entitled 'Secret Pieces'. If you prefer to sleep in in the morning, you can see the dancers in action at 7pm and 10.30pm in Piazza Garibaldi. If you happen to be inspired by the agile dancers and fancy moving around a bit, nothing better than a yoga class that will take place in the beautiful setting of Fortezza del Grifalco and held by the instructor Gabriele Chi. For timetables and further information, visit the official website:

BOOK MEETINGS. After a nice lunch break in one of the many restaurants scattered around the Tuscan hamlet and a nice relaxing ‘pennichella’, you can dedicate the rest of your day to the afternoon events. Also for this part of the day Cortona Mix Festival program 2017 offers a series of unmissable appointments. On July 19th at 6pm at Centro Sant'Agostino you can witness a fascinating testimony: Sveva Casati Modigliani is one of the most appreciated authors of contemporary literature. Still in Centro Sant'Agostino, on July 20th you can meet Antonio Dikele Distefano, a young author with Angolan origins who from the online platform Wattpadd (where writers and readers from all over the world meet) reached the Italian publishing house Mondadori where he published numerous successful works such as ‘Fuori piove, dentro pure, passo a prenderti?’ and the latest ‘Chi sta male non lo dice’. Dedicated to contemporary literature is also the meeting on July 21st with Biagio Goldstein Bolocan who will hold a talk with Fausto Bertinotti on his latest book ‘Il taduttore’. On July 23rd do not miss the meeting with Hanif Kureishi, one of the big names at Cortona summer 2017 Festival: the British writer (also dramatist and screenwriter) of Pakistani origins who will present his latest book entitled ‘Uno zero'. As for book meetings, we recommend checking the official event website because there are many more to enjoy. Who knows – skipping through the appointments at the Cortona Mix festival you might even find your favourite author! 

VIDEOS, FILMS AND DOCUMENTARIES. Among the dates of the Cortona Festival 2017, a few appointments dedicated to projections of different genres but all of great interest could not be missing. They will start on July 19th with the documentary 'Merci Patrone' by the French director Francois Ruffin and continue the next day with 'I am not your negro', another documentary by director Raoul Peck. On July 22nd, as for the other events at Teatro Signorelli, at 3pm and 11.30pm you can see Jon Nguyen withDavid Lynch: the Art life’, which tells the story of how David Lynch became the great director we all know. On July 23rd ‘Per un figlio’ by Suraga Deshapriya Katugampala will tell the story of a family of Sri Lankan migrants. 

MUSIC EVENTS AT CORTONA MIX FESTIVAL 2017! In Cortona, Summer 2017 will once again be dedicated to great music and happiness. First of all there will be marching bands such as 'BadaBimBumBand' and 'Archimossi', whose tunes will fill the air between the narrow alleys of the village. Yet the biggest surprises will come with the evening concerts. They will begin on the 19th at 9.30pm with the party-concert ‘Taranta d'amore’ enlivened by the fascinating notes of Ambrogio Sparagna and of the Orchestra Popolare Italiana: Saltarelli, pizziche, tammurriate and tarantelle are all to be danced all together. On July 20th, still in Piazza Signorelli, from Southern Italy we will switch to Ireland with the Boomtown Rats Italy concert by Bob Geldof, the organizer of the 80s 'Band Aids'. This is the only Italian date so make sure you do not miss the Cortona Festival 2017 tickets for this unforgettable event. On July 21st, get ready for yet another change of atmosphere with Max Weinberg and the Siena Jazz Orchestra with the beautiful voice of Marina Rey. On July 22nd, the Oscar composer Michele Piovani, he who created the wonderful tunes of the film soundtrack ‘La vita è Bella', will direct Orchestra della Toscana in an unforgettable concert: 'Piovani dirige Piovani'. Other pieces from Roberto Benigni's films will be performed, as well as the ones by Fellini and the Taviani Brothers. On July 23rd, in Cortona the Baustelle will end on a high the series of fantastic concerts offered by this summer event. And if you still feel like having fun, from 11pm Fortezza del Grifalco will host an After Mix Festival Closing Party.

At Cortona Mix Festival 2017 there are truly many guests and, as mentioned, we cannot mention them all here. That's why we strongly recommend spending a few days in the charming Tuscan hamlet. It's the only way to enjoy more than one date of the Cortona Mix Festival 2017. And just between us, Cortona is located in a wonderful area of ​​Tuscany: it is close to Arezzo, Crete Senesi, Eremo le Celle and along the food and wine itineraries that lead to the Oil of Colli Aretini and the famous meat of Val di Chiana. Culture, art, entertainment, music, good food and an area to discover and to explore: a better mix than Cortona is impossible to find anywhere else! Just book one of our hotels in Cortona, and the game is done!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 19 July 2017 to 23 July 2017

Event location: Cortona

Contacts: Cortona Festival 2017 tickets & info on official website

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