Cantine Aperte 2019

Open doors for visits and wine tasting in the wonderful cellars of Tuscany

From 25 May 2019 to 26 May 2019

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On 25th and 26th May, 'Open Cellars 2019' will take place all over Tuscany, the event much loved by wine enthusiasts. The occasion, part of a wider event across Italy, is now in its 27th year. You will have the opportunity to visit the wineries of Tuscany and also visit Tuscan cellars, enjoy wine tasting in Tuscany and buy the wines of Tuscany, taste local produce and participate in a series of events varying from cellar to cellar, such as concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions.

The event is organized by the Italian Wine Tourism Movement (MTV), a non-profit making organization founded in 1993 that counts among its members as many as 1,000 wineries among the most important in Italy and selected based on a number of specific characteristics. Among these the most important is, of course, the quality of the wine but, beside this, great emphasis is placed on its contribution to tourism. The association has among its main objectives the enhancement of the culture of wine through the visit of wineries, the promotion of tourism in the major wine-producing areas and the constant improvement of the services offered to tourists by the cellars. With this in mind, Open Cellars 2019 is an event that brings together all these intentions. So relevant has its growth been, that the Wine Movement has over the years supported similar events such as ‘Calici di Stelle’, which takes place on the night of San Lorenzo, 'Cantine Aperte in Autumn’ in September and October, 'Cantine Aperte on San Martino', coinciding with the making of ‘novello’ wine, and finally ‘Cantine Aperte at Christmas’.

The spring edition of Open Cellars in Italy is still the most fascinating one. The awakening of  this season coupled with the days when the warm sun shines that stretch until late afternoon become a special addition to your outings in search of Tuscany vineyards and farms. The opportunity to visit the Tuscany wine region will turn into an unforgettable experience for both wine enthusiasts, who are already highly informed on the subject, and the less knowledgeable who will be intrigued by the culture, history and tradition behind each bottle of wine. Stepping into the Tuscany best cellars will be almost a mystical experience. Some of them look like cathedrals with their vaults, soft lighting and quiet and respectful atmosphere that they exude. Open wine cellars provide the opportunity to organize an original wine cellar tour in Tuscany, choosing smaller but no less interesting producers, where the quality of their productions is a certainty. The Tuscany wine tasting offered by the best Tuscan wineries, will be accompanied by other local specialties such as cured meats, cheeses, honey, olive oil and sweets. But Open Cellars Tuscany is not just wine and food but also culture and as such the various wine tasting cellars will not fail to accompany their tastings with theatre performances, music concerts from many different genres, shows and exhibitions.

Cantine Aperte in Toscana is a great event giving you a variety of experiences in this region. So huge is its wine production that you will truly be spoiled for choice. Tuscan wineries to visit are practically located everywhere. Just think about how many famous Tuscan wines there are to get an idea of the directions you might take for your wine exploration. Among the wineries participating in the event are the best Tuscan wineries and your best option is to visit the MTV website which publishes the list of member wineries participating in the initiative. Here you will find the best wineries in Chianti, but, also, all the open cellars of Siena, the Arezzo open cellars, and the Florence open cellars. These can often be far from each other but you can take that as an opportunity to visit the surrounding areas, enjoy the landscape and, as you know, Tuscany is certainly not devoid of beauty! If you decide, for example, to head for Brunello di Montalcino, the cellars here will be your first stop, but do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful town. If you decide to head for the region of one of the most famous Tuscan wines, just remember there are many wineries in Chianti. Go easy on your Chianti Region wine tasting or you will soon fall asleep under a beautiful olive tree! We suggest, however, once you have visited the Chianti open cellars, that you take a break from the wine and take advantage of the many tour from Siena:  you’ll discover enchanting hamlets such us Pienza, Montepulciano, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.

Choosing which Tuscany wineries to visit we suggest you download the APP from the web site of the Wine Movement and which you can use on your smartphone or tablet. It will allow you to pinpoint the 20 closest wineries to your location. In each of the cellars to visit you can view the description, photos, wine products, opening times and all other relevant information. In short, this is a real wine browser! Whether you choose the Chianti open cellars with their famous wines, the Montalcino open cellars with their famous red wine or you intend to visit the Val d'Orcia cellars or in any other area, you will enjoy special moments and experience Tuscany during a truly wonderful season. Just set off on your adventure!


Cantine Aperte 2019:  25th and 26th  may 2019

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