Calici di Stelle 2017

Time for one of the most anticipated wine and food events in summer

From 04 August 2017 to 14 August 2017

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From August 4th to 14th some villages, towns and cities of the wine producing areas of Tuscany will host one of the most anticipated events in summer: Calici di stelle. The name says it all!

In the period when it is easier to see shooting stars, the magical nights spent with your nose up to the sky become even more special thanks to the opportunity to taste great Tuscan wines. Where? Across the whole region, since the best wines in Tuscany are produced almost everywhere in Tuscany. You just have to choose the location you prefer and follow your heart - or perhaps just go to where your favourite wine is produced! You can go to the famous Chianti area with two centres such as Gaiole and Castellina, in Montepulciano, in Carmignano - the kingdom of Barco Reale - and even reaching fantastic Siena!

Calici di stelle 2017 is filled with delicious wine tastings as well as other local products and, thanks to the availability of true astrophile groups, also with interesting guided star observations. For the occasion, many wineries will also open their doors to let tourists taste and buy their wonderful products.

Like all the years, Calici di stelle 2017 in Tuscany in August has a leading theme in all the various manifestations: they will all be dedicated to 'solidarity' in favour of the territories affected by the terrible earthquake of 2016. The rich program of Calici di Stelle in Tuscany is a great opportunity to spend pleasant summer nights as well as help the less fortunate.

For one of the major Tuscany summer wine events, such as the 2017 edition of Calici di Stelle, we recommend that you visit the websites of the two organizing associations for the latest updates or any variations (; Meanwhile, we would like to give you some tips for your August in Tuscany between wine and stars. 

  • Suvereto (LI) - August 10th - Solidarity with Matelica
    The wines and products of the gastronomy of Val di Cornia and Costa degli Etruschi will be twinned 'under the stars' with those of Matelica, a wine town in the region of Le Marche.
  • Campiglia Marittima (LI) - August 10th - Beyond Jupiter and Saturn
    In addition to visits to the rich cultural heritage of the village and the tasting of wines and other products such as the excellent salami produced in the area, the Astrophiles Association of Piombino will provide a telescope for the observation of falling stars in Tuscany.
  • Massa Marittima (GR) - August 10th - Monteregio in Vetrina
    In the wonderful setting of the village’s delightful historic centre you can taste the great Monteregio di Massa Marittima DOC and IGT of Tuscany.
  • Pitigliano (GR) - August 10th - Tasting in the historic centre
    Between the streets of the village you will find a food and wine trail that you just cannot miss: wine and local products for your San Lorenzo night in Tuscany!
  • Poggibonsi (SI) - August 10th. Invitation to Cassero delle Fortezza
    In the wonderful Piazza D’Armi of the Medici Fortress, a pleasant music entertainment will make it even more enjoyable to sample wine and other delicacies.
  • Montepulciano (SI) -August 10th - Renaissance in the shape of wine
    Montepulciano Calici di Stelle is one of the most anticipated events of the year since in addition to the tasting of its famous wines, it includes a series of side events that make the night of San Lorenzo a very long one: dinner in 8 Contrade of Bravio delle Botti, live music performances, flag wavers and drummers and the market!
  • Castellina in Chianti (SI) - August 10th/11th - At the doors of Chianti Classico
    An unmissable opportunity to taste Chianti Classico DOCG in a spectacular setting where you will be guided by experts even in the observation of stars. After a few glasses of Chianti it is easy to spot them – even when they are not there, so be careful!
  • Gaiole in Chianti (SI) August 10th - Tastings in Piazza Ricasoli.
    Even in this case, the farm companies in the area will offer their wines that can accompany tasty dishes of local traditional cuisine.
  • Terricciola (PI) - August 5th - Jazz in the Etruscan village
    What better music than some jazz to enjoy the best wine? Even better if in the beautiful setting of the hamlet of Etruscan origin.
  • Fauglia (PI)– August 4th/5th and 10th – Re-enactment of the ancient village celebration
    The Calici di stelle program in this case blends with the one of the traditional village festival creating evenings of tastings, tradition and happiness.
  • Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI) - August 10th/11th - Two days of celebrations in Terra Berardenga
    After the refined dinner on August 10th, organized by local restaurateurs, August 11th will bring music, shows and, of course, a good drink of wine! A great opportunity to enjoy the park of Villa Chigi and the Clock Tower at night.
  • Montespertoli (FI) - August 10th - Music and tastings: comparing feelings
    In the land of the tenor Amedeo Bassi who is also the protagonist of a museum in the village, a fascinating combination of music and wine could not be missing!
  • Carmignano (PO) – August 5th/6th and 10th/11th - Four magical nights on the Rocca
    For 4 nights, in Carmignano for Calici di Stelle, in the beautiful gardens of the Rocca, besides tasting famous wines appreciated worldwide, such as Barco Reale or Vin Santo, you will find a wide range of events for you and for your children.
  • Siena – August 10th - From ‘Cantiere della Maesta' to the terrace above Siena passing through Palazzo Sansedoni
    In Siena, Calici di Stelle will offer an intense series of events in the most evocative locations of the city: the Civic Museum, at Cantiere della Maestà, at Torre del Mangia, at Palazzo Sansedoni and on the Terrace above Siena.
  • Vinci (Fi) - August 5th and 10th – A toast in the garden of Leonardo
    In Vinci, Calici di Stelle doubles its duration and will be repeated for two days with different but equally interesting appointments. King of the events will be Chianti wine, of the Montalbano variety, but you will have the opportunity, along with the Astrophiles Group of Montelupo, to make a trip to discover the Perseids.
  • San Gimignano (SI) - August 10th - Wine and songwriting music. Among the towers of one of the most beautiful Tuscan villages, you will have the opportunity to delight your mouth as well as your eyes with tastings of wines and local products enriched with excellent music.

What else to say… Among the wine events in Tuscany, 'Calici di Stelle' is definitely one of the most renowned and anticipated events. Combining a visit to stunning locations with great tastings and views of Tuscany falling stars is really the best way to spend the night of San Lorenzo. Make the most of the opportunity of 'Calici di Stelle’ in Toscana 2017 to visit this wonderful region by choosing one of our hotels. If you are passionate about wine and food, you should definitely try one of our interesting Food and Wine Tours in Tuscany: it is a play on words, yet there really is something for all tastes!

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