'Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo. A spectacular show'

The art of the three 16th century artists becomes a fantastic digital show!

From 14 November 2018 to 26 May 2019

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From November 14th to May 26th the Arsenali Repubblicani di Pisa will host 'Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo. A spectacular exhibition'. This title is no exaggeration nor just a catch phrase! It is a proper exhibition-show where the latest modern digital technologies will transform art into an engaging sensory experience. The Pisan Arsenali will put up 54 projectors that will create a unique combination of screenings, images and music for visitors to enjoy. The works of Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo will come to life as they are reproduced on the surfaces, windows and floor of the 14th century building that will host this unmissable event in Pisa! The Bosch Brueghel Arcimboldo exhibit is naturally perfect for those who love painting and going to art events and museums, but its modern language and its spectacular presence be capable of reaching even visitors who are more accustomed to a trip to the cinema or a concert! It’s the perfect event for families with kids as well: they will feel like they are inside a videogame and they’ll be so dazzled that you won’t even hear them huff and puff! So in Pisa, events are abundant but this one is suitable for truly everyone: young and old, bookworms and partiers! No time for excuses, get ready to visit the most exhilarating exhibition in Pisa! If you want to learn more about this Pisa exhibition, read on to get all the information you need!



This is one of the first digital art exhibitions in Italy that offers visitors 30 minutes of true entertainment, 2000 images and a soundtrack stretching from Vivaldi to Led Zeppelin. The works of the three great masters of the 16th century, difficult to move and therefore visit, will create an enchanting atmosphere of alchemy, religion and astrology. Bosch’s artwork on display will include perhaps his most emblematic triptych, 'the Garden of Delights', whereas Arcimboldo’s art displayed will feature his fascinating compositions made of flowers, vegetables and fruit. Brueghel’s works will reproduce village festivals typical of the Flemish landscape.

This current exhibition in Pisa is a highly-anticipated event produced by the Arthemisia group and Sensorial Art Experience. The show is divided into three different moments, each of which is dedicated to one of the three great masters. It all begins with a prologue dedicated to the creation of the World by Bosch: the images will pervade the walls, floor and windows of this building. According to Bosch's poetics, his works feature mystical and grotesque characters, allegories and surreal landscapes. In addition to the splendid triptych dedicated to the Christian vision of creation, another Hieronymus Bosch artwork you can immerse yourself into is the vision of 'Ascent to the Empyrean', 'the Garden of Eden' and the 'Fall of Man'. The second part of the digital art exhibition in Pisa is dedicated to Brughel, to the most iconic works of the Flemish painter who represented everyday life with its countryside festivals, dances, banquets, the passing of the seasons. These are paintings such as 'River landscape', 'Allegory of Music' and 'Tower of Babel'. Unlike other exhibitions in Pisa, this exhibition will really make you feel as if you were inside the painting! Arcimboldo will be the protagonist of the third part of the exhibition, with his unmistakable still life paintings such as ‘Springtime’ and 'Four seasons in one head', which exceptionally reproduce the traits of incredible figures made of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Next, the exhibition will focus back on Bosch with his Garden of Delights painting, interpreted in a more modern light. You can end your experience of this digital art show in Pisa, one of the most incredible exhibitions you have ever seen, by moving around an enchanted garden populated by fantastic and surreal creatures.

The direction that transformed the works of Bosch Brueghel and Arcimboldo into an exhibit show is by Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto and Massimiliano Siccardi. The Pisa digital art show’s soundtrack was created by Luca Longobardi, and it is a very unique one at that! The music isn’t a simple accompaniment but an integral part of the incredible experience that you will live by visiting this digital art show. You will be transported by a contemporary composition by Luca Longobardi for Soprano and Strings and Electronic music during the prologue, while in the first part it will be the turn of Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana' and Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' in the second part. The third part will be characterized by Ravel's music and for the grand finale an iconic piece of our time has been chosen: Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven'. Not bad, right?


Are you left rather intrigued? This is truly a special exhibition which counts among the top things to do in Pisa, Italy! We understand if you don’t want to miss it, it would truly be a shame. Not to mention that a visit to Pisa, the magical city of the Leaning Tower, is always a great idea. Take advantage of our tours in Pisa to discover the most fascinating aspects and the most enchanting views of this beautiful art heritage city!


Bosch, Brueghel, Arcimboldo. A spectacular show.


LOCATION: Arsenali Repubblicani di Pisa

                 Via Bonanno Pisano,2

OPENIN TIMES : every day from 9.30 to 19.30

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 14 November 2018 to 26 May 2019

Event location: Pisa

Contacts: info & tickets www.mostraspettacolare.it

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