Bolgheri Festival 2017 in Marina di Castagneto Carducci

A rich programme of concerts, shows and events for all ages and tastes

From 01 August 2017 to 31 August 2017

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During the month of August, Marina di Castagneto Carducci (LI) will host the 2017 edition of one the most anticipated summer festivals in Tuscany: Bolgheri Festival. This year, as happened for the 2016 edition, the location has moved from the historic one at the beginning of the avenue leading into Bolgheri to the Arena of Bolgheri in Marina di Castagneto, one of the most popular seaside resorts of the Etruscan Riviera, also known as Marina di Donoratico. Despite the change of location - solely for logistic reasons - and the name change (it was formerly called Bolgheri Melody Festival), the programme of the Bolgheri Festival 2017 has remained unvaried and presents the traditional line-up packed with first class concerts and great performances. The numbers of the Festival of Bolgheri speak for themselves: 7 editions, 110 events, 120 artists, 450,000 visitors. Bolgheri Music Festival, which enlists Radio Bruno as its media partner together with the newspaper 'Il Tirreno', is curated by Simone Conforti and Alessandro de Luigi under the artistic direction of the RAI journalist Carlo Fontana. The event is organized under the patronage of the Region of Tuscany, the Municipality of Castagneto and with the support of important partners such as Toremar, BBC in Castagneto, Terre d'Etruria and Conad.

The programme of the Bolgheri Summer Festival suits all musical tastes, as it features concerts with artists that will appeal to visitors of all ages: from the idols of the young generations such as the Kolors, Benji and Faith, to the big names of Italian music, Fiorella Mannoia and Renzo Arbore, to name just a few, and rock stars of the calibre of the Afterhours. But at the Bolgheri Festival attention has also been dedicated to very young visitors, whose entertainment will be guaranteed thanks to the musical based on Cinderella. As in past editions, in addition to concerts, there will also be a series of events such as talk shows and book presentations. In addition to music and culture, the Toscana Music Festival aims at promoting the area and its seaside resorts as well as its numerous enchanting villages such as Suvereto and Bolgheri, famous for excellent olive oil and wine. Wine will indeed be the one of the main themes, together with sport, well-being and culture, of the three-day long Bolgheri Festival in Castagneto Carducci, whose programme, albeit not-yet finalized, will offer events of great appeal. For additional information on this collateral event and for the latest concert updates, please visit the official website: If you are eager not to miss out on one or more of the concerts of the Bolgheri Festival, tickets can be purchased via the usual channels.

Among the events of the Etruscan Coast, the jam-packed line-up includes, with no doubt, concerts that should not to be missed especially if you have decided to spend your summer vacations in this area. If you have yet to decide, Bolgheri 2017 could be the classic icing on the cake to tip the balance in favour of a vacation in the southern coast of Livorno. You can choose one of our Costa degli Etruschi Hotels and also plan your holiday according to the dates of the concerts that take your fancy. Enough with the chit chat, as they say, and let’s take a closer look at the programme of the Tuscany summer live show and the artists who will take centre-stage at the Marina di Castagneto arena, which is really close to the sea. Just think of this, watching a concert with the fresh sea breeze cooling the summer evenings down and the stars shining above you!

7th August - B.C.C. Rock Night 2017
The opening night of the Etruscan Coast festival will be free and includes, in addition to a contest amongst groups based in Tuscany, the concert by '7 Years', one of the most important bands in the underground punk rock scene.

8th August - Cinderella the Musical
A show that will surely mesmerize little ones, but will also plunge adults into the world of fairy tales. The recipe for a magic evening is guaranteed: the original Grimm Brothers text, engaging choreographies, new orchestral music, gorgeous eighteenth-century costumes and spectacular scenic effects.

10th August - Afterhours
It is the flagship rock band of the indie rock genre in Italy and lead by the charismatic front man Manuel Agnelli. The band has been on the music scene since the end of the 1980s, and has chosen the Bolgheri Arena for one of the stages of their 'Afterhours #30 Summer Tour' that celebrates their 30 year-long activity.

11th August - The Kolors
The winning group of the 2015 edition of the 'Amici' talent show, after the success of their first album 'Out' is now presenting 'You', their new record. Stash & Friends’ band, who are well-known to the younger public, will play their new tracks with forays into their recent record history.

12th August - Fiorella Mannoia
She is certainly one of the most important artists in the Italian music scene and surely needs no presentation. Her 'Combattente Tour', named after her latest album, is consistently sold-out and a delight for the audience with songs such as the enchanting 'Che sia benedetta', which nearly won her top spot at the Sanremo Festival.

13th August - Vittorio Sgarbi
The art and life of Michelangelo Buonarroti will be recounted by Vittorio Sgarbi with his usual knowledge, accompanied by Valentino Corvino’s music and the images of the visual artist Tommaso Arosio.

19th August - Pink Floyd Tribute
Vittorio de Scalzi (leader of the New Trolls), Durga Mc Brown (Pink Floyd vocalist) together with the ten-men Regoli' Band will feature an evening of great music dedicated to the atmospheres of Pink Floyd but also other classic rock anthems.

20th August - Renzo Arbore and the Italian Orchestra
As always, Renzo Arbore will captivate the audience with his irresistible irony during a three-hour show where new and old sounds from Naples will blend in a wonderful harmony, thanks also to the 15 talented artists of the Italian Orchestra that will support the Master in this great show.

23rd August - Mannarino
After the success of his fourth album 'Apriti Cielo', a topper of charts as well as viewings and streaming on Spotify and YouTube, the music project is presented also as part of the engaging tour of the Rome-hailed songwriter.

24th August - Benji and Fede
The young duo is a best-seller with a huge numbers of followers amongst the younger generations. After winning several awards including Best Italian Act at MTV EMA 2016 and 'Favourite Italian Singer' at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2017, they will present their new tour from the namesake album: '0+', produced in Italy but featuring collaboration with international authors and producers.


What else is there to say? In the jam-packed and varied programme of the Bolgheri Festival there is something for everybody. So let’s say no more. Plan a holiday on the Etruscan Coast and since Livorno is just round the corner take the chance to join one of our Excursions from Livorno. You will visit unmissable destinations such as Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano. This way you will combine art and culture with the seaside resort of Castagneto Carducci and the music of the Bolgheri Festival.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 01 August 2017 to 31 August 2017

Event location: Bolgheri

Contacts: more info on the offical website

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