'Banksy. This is not a Photo opportunity'

Banksy’s street art on show at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence

From 18 October 2018 to 24 February 2019

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From 18th October 2018 to 24th February 2019 Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence is hosting the exhibition ‘Banksy. This is not a photo opportunity'. The artist is considered one of the leading exponents of street-art and is famous all over the world for his ironic and satirical graffiti and murals. Banksy identity is inexplicably still unknown and nobody has ever met him. He has again recently made headlines thanks to the publicity that followed the Sotheby's auction. One of his works, 'Girl with balloon', in fact, was sold for a million euros but as soon as it was auctioned off, it self-destructed as it passed through a paper shredder hidden in the frame. The Palazzo Medici Riccardi exhibition promises to be an event not to be missed! A unique opportunity for lovers of contemporary art but also for those who are simply intrigued and want to try to discover newer forms of art. The exhibition showcases the twenty best-known images of Banksy's artwork, images that have become famous through sharing on social media and which have contributed to making this mysterious and intriguing artist a world-known star.



Good question! His real name and identity are still a mystery so basically there is no answer to the question but only a few clues and hypotheses. It is known that he hails from Bristol and that he was probably born in the ‘70s. Some think he is the singer Robert of Naja of Massive Attack, others that the author of Banksy graffiti is a woman and others are even convinced that, behind Banksy works, hides a group of six different artists. However, even if we do not know who Banksy is, his works speak for him! He is one of the most important representatives of street-art also known as post-graffiti and guerrilla-art, an art form that wants to take over urban spaces. Banksy’s murals and his graffiti, executed mostly in a stenciling technique, have appeared all over the world on roads, walls and bridges. Banksy paintings address issues such as the paradoxes of Western society, media manipulation, homogenization, war and its atrocities, the brutality of police repression and animal abuse. Banksy’s art uses a direct and easily intelligible language similar to that of an advertising poster. Recurring subjects such as mice, monkeys, policemen, but also children and members of the British royal family are often used. Banksy's pictures and all his works always appear on highly visible public places but it is known that art auctioneers try to sell his street art on the spot... but the not so easy honor of removing Banksy images rests on the buyer! The artist's forays into museums and galleries are also interesting: being a convinced detractor of the commodification of art and collectors' fetishism, he interprets these places according to his style. How? He displays faithful reproductions of famous works with desecrating elements. In the art of Banksy, famous paintings take on unusual meanings as, for example, in 'Show me the Monet' where he painted a cart in the pond of one of the most iconic paintings of the French Impressionist artist. Have we intrigued you? Good, we look forward to seeing you at one of the most interesting exhibitions at Medici Palace in Florence this winter!



The exhibition has been produced by the MetaMorfosi association and the Metropolitan City of Florence and with the patronage of the Tuscany Region and MUSE. The exhibition, curated by Gianluca Marziani and Stefano Antonelli, comes from a scrupulous and rigorous selection of the 20 best images produced so far. You will admire, for example, a reproduction of 'Girl with baloon', first appeared in 2002 on Waterloo Bridge, or one of 'Love is in the air' which appeared for the first time in Jerusalem shortly after the construction of the West Bank Wall, and depicts a soldier throwing a bouquet of flowers. Among the images of Banksy's graffiti on show at Medici Palace in Florence there is also 'Pulp fiction' featuring the two main characters of the famous film clutching bananas instead of guns. In short, if you already know or want to discover Banksy famous works, this exhibition offers the perfect opportunity. To complete the exhibition, there will be a series of infographics retracing the crucial moments of Banksy stencil art and some historical cards on Banksy famous works on display at the exhibition. There will also be the 'black books' - the original posters of Banksy's exhibitions - but also counterfeit banknotes, the 'I am an imbecile' balloons used at Dismaland and a selection of videos. In short, the art of Banksy exhibition in Italy is a unique opportunity to discover this incredible artist and his art!



Banksy exhibition in Florence is housed in a location that in itself would be already worth a visit: it is in fact Palazzo Medici Riccardi, one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in the city in central Via Cavour (a few steps from the Cathedral). As the name suggests, it is precisely the Palazzo of the Medici, the family who were among the originators of Renaissance splendor. The Banksy exhibit tickets will allow you to visit the other wonderful areas of the building: the elegant Cortile del Michelozzo, the Medici garden where the lemon-house is located, the marble museum with the collections of the Riccardi family who bought the Palazzo from the Medici in 1659, the Magi Chapel, the Madonna with child by Francesco Lippi and finally the Galleria Luca Giordano.

No doubt contemporary art and Florence will present a very compelling combination for this fall and winter! In addition to the event on the street-art and Banksy until 20th January, you can also visit 'Marina Abramovic Exhibition. The Cleaner'. A perfect pairing to experience Florence even in winter alternating outdoor walks with the warm spaces of the exhibitions. Talking about walks! Since you will visit Palazzo Medici Riccardi for the exhibition, we are sure that you will want to learn more on the great Florentine dynasty. This is why we absolutely recommend our 'tour in the footsteps of the Medici Family'. Perfect to go full circle... from Renaissance to street art!


'THIS IS NOT A PHOTO OPPORTUNITY’Exhibit dedicated to the art of Banksy

Location: Florence - Palazzo Medici Riccardi, via Cavour 1

Dates: From 18th October 2018 to 24th February 2019

Banksy exhibition times: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun from 9.00 to 19.00 (closed on Wednesday)


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 18 October 2018 to 24 February 2019

Event location: Florence

Contacts: info and tickets www.palazzomediciriccardi.it

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