Art & Contemporary Wine 2017 in San Gimignano

The heart of Tuscany will host a series of events where the taste for art, wine and food will create a unique combination

From 15 April 2017 to 01 October 2017

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From 15.04.2017 to 01.10.2017 'Art & Contemporary wine 2017' will take place in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany between the provinces of Florence, Siena and Pisa, where wine production boasts a longstanding tradition. The Wine Art festival includes a series of events that will take place in several charming villages, including San Gimignano, Certaldo, Casole d'Elsa, Barberino Val D'Elsa and Volterra. The heart of Tuscany will be the central stage for exhibitions and events, together with a number of engaging and thrilling performances which will focus on this year's themes of Tree, Earth and Ballet and will be dedicated to art and wine, produced following organic production methods. The leitmotiv of the art and wine festival will be eco-sustainability as a way to protect Tuscany’s environment and landscape - which are the reasons this region has always been a land famous worldwide for its mixture of art and culture.

30th April, 2017- San Gimignano - Piazza Sant'Agostino and Vitalità Art Gallery
The opening event of the festival will be dedicated to the theme of 'Art’s Paths into Nature', which is also the title of the art exhibition hosted in this location. In the splendid setting of Comune di San Gimignano, Associazione Vitalità will put together an exhibition in which different forms of art combine and will highlight the ancestral connection between man and nature: paintings by Olga Nescier, Tadeusz Niescier's photographs and sculptures by Andrea Roggi. You will spend an unforgettable afternoon in one of the most beautiful historical villages in Tuscany where music, wine and art converge in a unique combination. As for food and wine, the focus will be on Tuscan white wines, particularly on Vernaccia di San Gimignano and saffron grown in the Comune di San Gimignano. A trio of musicians will create soft background music in tune with the Renaissance ambience of the surroundings.

19th May, 2017- Certaldo Alto - Palazzo Pretorio e Chiesa San Tommaso e Prosperi
In the splendid location of Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo Alto, particular attention will be dedicated to the theme of trees with the exhibition 'The Vital Tree', a joint exhibition by the illustrator Andrea Collesano, the photographer Duccio Nacci and the painter Olga Nescier. This event will also be accompanied by a series of live music and contemporary dance performances and several captivating video screenings. As for wine, the afternoon of tasting in Certaldo municipality will evolve around wines of the best producers from Valdelsa and in particular around Sangiovese in purity.

4th June, 2017 - Borgo Pignano - Volterra
Borgo Pignano, located in the municipality of Volterra, is a truly magical and unforgettable place: the exhibition venue ‘Pignano Art Gallery’ is housed in a beautifully restored farmhouse where the original floor covering and the stone vaults create an atmosphere which is at the same time elegant, welcoming and relaxing. The warm ambience is enhanced by its location, right in the middle of lush gardens, woods and fields. This is where the exhibition 'The Transcendent Tree' will be hosted, and it will present – alongside Certaldo’s 'The Vital Tree' - works by the illustrator Andrea Collesano, the photographer Duccio Nacci and the painter Olga Nescier. In the afternoon a tasting of French wines will take place in the garden, surrounded by live music and performances of ethnic and contemporary dance.

25th June, 2017 - Casole d'Elsa – Palazzo Comunale and Piazza Lucchetti
The event will take place in the town of Casole d'Elsa, a small town contested by Pisa and Siena, as evidenced by its fortified medieval structure. This stage of the festival marks the transition from the first theme of trees to the one called 'Ballet'. At Casole d'Elsa, events will include - in addition to a photographic exhibition by the Polish artist Niescer - contemporary dance performances and video installations that will be staged inside and around the Rocca Senese. In the courtyard of the Palazzo Comunale you will also be able to taste great wines from Valdelsa: the Super Tuscan wines.

16th July, 2017 - Bacìo - Certaldo - La Poggiolaia
The event entitled 'Travelling Sands' will take place in Bacìo in Comune di Certaldo, in the sumptuous Villa La Poggiolaia farmstead. Whilst admiring fantastic views over the Val d’elsa municipality, you will taste great organic Rosé wines and enjoy performances of live music, contemporary dance and video installations.

3rd September 2017 - Vico d'Elsa - Barberino d'Elsa
At Barberino Val D'Elsa, events will be held at the Fattoria Majnoni Guicciardini, a farmstead in the heart of the municipality of Valdelsa, located in the historical centre of Vico D'Elsa. 'Mineral Earth' is a journey that will delve on the relationship between wine and art and eco-sustainability through live music, art installations and tastings. The focus of food and wine attention will be Chianti, the king of Tuscan wines.

1st October, 2017 - Borgo Pignano - Volterra
Beginning at the onset of spring, the series of events will end with the arrival of autumn in the splendid location of Borgo Pignano where you will have the opportunity to watch live the creation of ceramics. The event will launch the exhibition 'The Living Earth' dedicated to soil as a source of inspiration and a creative medium. Soil becomes art when used as a raw material in ceramics and paintings or when it is described by photographers and painters. Once again the event will offer an afternoon featuring art, fire and of course good wine. In the garden of the arts of the fantastically restored countryside location, at the end of the wine and food event tastings of wines from the Contemporary Wine Selection 2017 will be on offer.

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Period: From 15 April 2017 to 01 October 2017

Event location: Siena

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