'Art and Arts. Craftsmanship on exhibit' at Montepulciano

Art and craftsmanship objects, food and wine delicacies on exhibit on the three floors of the Fortress of Montepulciano (Siena)

From 19 April 2019 to 22 April 2019

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Montepulciano (Siena), the marvelous 'Pearl of the Renaissance' in the heart of Val di Chiana, hosts the 64th edition of 'Art and Arts', open to the public 19-22 April 2019. It is a craft exhibition displaying, in the splendid location of the Montepulciano Fortress, art objects from Tuscany as well as other regions, crafts from the area and around Italy and local food and wine delights. One of the most anticipated Montepulciano events, Montepulciano Art e Arti is organized by the Municipality of Montepulciano, Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, the Association of Municipalities of Valdichiana Senese, Cna, Confartigianato, Artex and BCC Montepulciano.


THE VENUE. Art e Arti 2019, the Montepulciano craftsmanship exhibition, will take place in the fortress that overlooks the town. This is a very old building that is said to date back to the 8th century: the 'castrum Politianum' was in fact used as a town fortification even before the Lombards. The fortress proper was built in 1261 by the Siena folks as a military outpost. After the 1614 earthquake and the end of the wars between Florence and Siena, the military function of the building was lost and, since the restoration in 1881 by the architect Corbi, the building has had different uses: Francesco Saverio Melissari’s Silk Farm, where silkworms were cultivated, and also a classics high school just to name a couple. Montepulciano, in recent years, has become a culture hotspot where conferences, exhibitions and various events are held targeting both local audiences and tourists alike.
The Fortress is located a few meters from Piazza Grande and can be reached either along the main streets of the historic center of Montepulciano or from any of the convenient car parks located behind it. From the internal rooms and the gardens of the Fortress, you can admire breathtaking views of Val di Chiana, Val D'Orcia and even Lake Trasimeno. ‘Art e Arti’ in Montepulciano is housed on the three floors of Fortezza Poliziana, a location that brings considerable added value to this interesting trade exhibition.


THE EXHIBITION. The Montepulciano Craftsmanship expo is a highly anticipated event amongst the local population but also many tourists from Italy and abroad who have the opportunity to admire but also buy unique pieces of artistic craftsmanship and food and wine delicacies that this area can offer in abundance! Fifty stands located on the three floors of the Fortress to rediscover once again art and craft trades and the creations of manual skills, technical knowledge, tradition and creativity. The theme of Montepulciano craftsmanship exhibition is perfectly summoned up in the painter Pablo Picasso’s words, especially chosen for the event: 'after all, a work of art is not made with the ideas, but with the hands'. In Montepulciano, the art objects on show will be unified by the thread of creativity being transformed into art, wisdom and tradition ‘by the hands’. And it is precisely this know-how and the various raw materials used that are the justification for grouping the objects at Montepulciano art exhibition according to the following:

  • ART OBJECTS. Unique pieces that demonstrate the creativity of local and national artists in continuing ancient traditions or in revisiting them according to their modern interpretation. One such example are the splendid frames designed by Padrevecchi, perfect to bring the best out of any painting. A large group of artists working with ceramics and terracotta – one of them being Marco Minchiatti, who presents his majolica tiles made according to the Deruta school – will also take part in the Montepulciano art and crafts exhibition 2019: unique pieces of great artistic value. At the Montepulciano exhibition you can also admire the splendid oil and watercolour paintings by the painter Mirta Ellena Contini.
  • CRAFTS. The Tuscany craftsmanship exhibition in Montepulciano will let you rediscover ancient crafts that will stand the test of time as demonstrated by the artisanal baskets of 'Arte dell'Intreccio' or the copper objects of 'Bottega del Rame'. The art objects in Montepulciano will also delight female audiences with plenty of shopping opportunities, ranging from jewellery made with a special process reminiscent of Graziella Bennati lace, to the so-called ‘Oro Vegetale’ jewels, made from a particular fibre, a type of straw that truly resembles this precious metal. This year there will also be a large section dedicated to the art of textiles. You will be able to admire, inspect and buy the fabrics of Tessitura Fiore, which has been producing them since 1992, but also the scarves, throws and alpaca hats by La Valle Degli Alpaca, which also rears the animals for its 100% natural wool. Walter Sas's clothing items are also very interesting: full of colours, original and strictly handmade! 
  • FOOD AND WINE. In Montepulciano food and wine could not be ignored and as a result there will be a section dedicated to the delicacies of Tuscany! It is not by chance that this is the land of the famous Nobile Montepulciano, just a few steps away are Montalcino with its stellar wine and Pienza with its famous 'cacio'. Among the exhibitors, you will find Mulas, a farm that makes excellent cheeses, Orto Sinergico, dedicated to the production of strictly organic vegetables and Dolciaria Franzago, whose excellent handmade chocolate will make you feel spoilt. Last but not least, at the stand of ‘Bebba’ you will find many sweet delicacies, strictly artisan made, including a wide choice of excellent biscuits.


Throughout the year, events in Montepulciano take place in every seasons, but the timing of the Montepulciano exhibition during the Easter holidays makes for a truly not-to-be-missed opportunity to organize a short holiday in Tuscany: a relaxing getaway in the countryside of this beautiful region!

If you are asking for a final piece of advice on what to do in Montepulciano, we are sure our exclusive private tour in Montepulciano will be just the answer for you. Accompanied by our guides, you will discover all the secrets of the enchanting Renaissance town.

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Period: From 19 April 2019 to 22 April 2019

Event location: Montepulciano

Contacts: more info on the website www.artigianatoinmostra.it

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