Arezzo Painting exhibition ‘Dario Fo… I feel like an amateur actor and a professional painter’

On display 50 paintings by the eclectic Nobel Prize winner showing his deep relationship with painting

From 01 April 2017 to 02 July 2017

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From 1st April to 2nd July Galleria d’arte 'La Chimera' in Arezzo’s central via Cesalpino is set to host an exhibition of paintings by the eclectic literature Nobel Prize winner: 'Dario Fo ... I feel like an amateur actor and a professional painter'. The exhibition itinerary, which winds through the halls of Palazzo Chianini Vincenti, the former civic gallery, includes 50 Dario Fo’s paintings and offers the opportunity to get in touch with one of the many 'artistic talents' of the great Master who, as expressed by his son Jacopo, always had a particularly close relationship with painting.

The close relation between Dario Fo and painting is already evident from Dario Fo’s biography. He attended the prestigious Brera Academy of Fine Arts. It was in Milan that the Nobel winner Fo grew into a painter. Thanks to his artistic training, not only did the Nobel prize winner in literature become highly skilled in the use of canvases and colours, but also acquired a profound knowledge of the history of art. However, when pondering which career path he wanted to embark on, his incredible talent as a storyteller inevitably lead him to choose theatre. The story of the successes of the ‘jester of Italian culture’, as he liked to call himself, is well-known and highly interesting. To give you an idea of his genius, it suffices to mention that he invented grammellot: a language where dialect from Northern Italy, medieval dialect and neologisms devised by the histrionic actor and playwright are put together with great effect. This linguistic invention, often presented with his incredible mimicry, contributed to making 'Mistero Buffo' one of his most famous and staged works. There is no doubt there were many others in the following years, as many were his contributions to cinema, television and radio. A highly significant moment in the life history of Fo is surely receiving the Literature Nobel Prize in 1997. Dario Fo Nobel Prize motivation reads: “for having emulated the jesters of the Middle Ages by scourging authority and upholding the dignity of the oppressed”.

In this long artistic journey, painting always played a key role: in any creation it was always the beginning, the primordial input. According to his son Jacopo again, painting helped him to think. His painting abilities helped him to focus and crystallize his ideas. Virtually all of Dario Fo's plays are preceded by sketches of the stage scenes, drawings or anything else that helped him visualize the idea that his unstoppable mind had generated. In this 'colour reasoning' the sketches were transferred onto larger canvases, becoming increasingly more elaborate. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Dario Fo can also be described as an all-encompassing artist. The opportunity to admire the Dario Fo’s paintings at the Galleria d’Arte La Chimera is undoubtedly one of the most interesting events in Arezzo this year.

Dario Fo's exhibition was curated by Romano Boriosi of the Associazione Culturale Editebro, who has been working since 1961 to present and promote artistic and cultural works. The itinerary of Dario Fo art exhibition, mainly composed of large canvases, will leave you breathless for the staggering beauty of the works and especially the use of colour. It includes several paintings devoted to the story of Ruzzante, one of the most acclaimed actors of the 1500s who highly influenced Dario Fo’s theatre and who had inspired the namesake Dario Fo’s theatre work. There are numerous paintings inspired by the 1500s in Dario Fo paintings exhibition. The painting and theatre of this period are, in fact, among the recurring elements of many of Dario Fo’s works. Hanging on the walls of the hall, you will also notice several works that recount Fo’s researches on the Apocryphal Gospels and the history of Jesus. There is also an interesting series of sketches and paintings related to the show 'Picasso Desnudo' which Dario Fo and Franca Rame, his inseparable companion in art and life, had written together in 2012. To complete the journey of the long and fascinating artistic career of the great master, there are also several works from the younger years, dating back to 1950, and others produced in his final years.

We are sure that among the current exhibitions in Arezzo, the one dedicated to the great and histrionic Master is the most fascinating one, as eclectic as Dario Fo‘s personality. Whether you have had the opportunity to attend one of the performances of the most famous comedian of our time or have read Dario Fo books, you will definitely find the paintings on display intriguing. Observing them will be a bit like peeking into the volcanic mind of the great and multifaceted artist.

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Period: From 01 April 2017 to 02 July 2017

Event location: Arezzo

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