Arezzo Flower Festival 2018

Plant and flower trade show, free workshops and lessons in a stunning park near Arezzo

From 21 April 2018 to 22 April 2018

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From 21st to 22nd April the park of Villa Severi in Arezzo is hosting the 2018 edition of Arezzo Flower Show, a rare plant trade show in Italy which also showcases many workshops and courses. What's better than spending a spring day outdoors surrounded by plants and flowers? As it is well known, once the grim winter days are over, this is precisely what we all need: a bit of sun, greenery and the myriad colors of flowers. Attending the Flower Show in Arezzo will feel like a fantastic immersion in the most palpitating and luxuriant nature. And considering that this is a time of preparation in gardens and balconies, here you will find many tips, ideas and even a few trade secrets to accomplish this task in the best possible way.


The Flower Show in Tuscany is one of the most anticipated Arezzo events in the spring which takes place in a truly unique setting: Villa Severi Park. It is one of the green lungs of Arezzo and can be easily reached whether you arrive by car or train. In fact, there are some convenient car parks nearby and from the train station you can walk up to it in a few minutes. The area includes eight hectares of greenery equipped with cycle paths, bowling, basketball and football pitches, children play areas and also a part dedicated to our four-legged friends. If you are feeling hungry, a likely occurrence when spending time outdoors, you will be pleased to know that refreshments and a picnic area will also be available. The Flower Show in Arezzo in 2018 is open all day, from 9.30 to 19.30, so, for once, you can take it easy! At Arezzo Villa Severi you will find everything you need to spend the whole day in the open air, switching between shows, courses and the activities you most enjoy: sports, walks and why not .... even a nice nap on the grass!


To enter one of the most popular Arezzo events amongst gardening enthusiasts, you will have to buy a ticket (5 euros per person) and concessions are available for children under 14 and even if you have pets with you. Yes, you heard it right! Thanks to the 'pet friendly' entry policy, tickets for the exhibition in Arezzo will cost you less if you turn up with dogs, cats and other animals. Among the fairs and markets in Arezzo, this is surely one of its kind. In fact this is not an out-of-the-box flower show in Italy where to find plants for your garden or balcony. This is what you find in any city during spring! At Arezzo Villa Severi you will visit, instead, a trade show of rare and hard-to-find plants. You can buy or simply admire many varieties that you will struggle to find elsewhere. During the plant fair in Tuscany exhibitor will showcase their productions in a blaze of scents and colors. There will be eighty of them arriving from the major Italian and foreign floriculture districts. Thanks to them you will find, for example, many varieties of fruit trees: from those with healing properties to ancient species that almost disappeared but are now being cultivated again. There will also be the queen of spring, aka her majesty the camellia, with many varieties displaying its elegance. The Plant Exhibition in Tuscany will offer its visitors a wide display of aromatic plants from all over the world: a real journey through the scents of far and near lands! There will also be unique aquatic plants, perennials, grass species and shrubs. Children visiting with you will have a lot of fun to see and be enchanted by the many species of carnivorous plants. No doubt some of them will try to put their little fingers in them! It being one of the biggest Italy’s plant trade shows, a great variety of collectible bulbs, delicate orchids and fragrant citrus plants is deservedly part of the Tuscany plant fair. As expected, at the Arezzo Flower Show there will also be exhibitors who will fascinate you with the perfumes and the colors of roses....I can already picture you poking your nose in their petals to smell their heady essences! 


The program of the Tuscany Flower Show also includes a series of collateral events, courses and workshops entirely free for you to learn all the secrets of the trade. The only thing that is required to participate in the Arezzo Flower Show courses is for you to register before the event takes place on a dedicated area of the event website. Thanks to industry professionals, organizations and associations, the 2018 edition of the Arezzo Trade Show is showcasing a long list of workshops and courses. We therefore advise you to learn about them on the event website so you can choose the activities that best match your interests. In the meantime, we will give you a glimpse of the many choices of what in Arezzo is one of the most anticipated events by both ‘weekend’ gardeners and more experienced ones. In fact, basic gardening courses are available to introduce even beginners to quality gardening. But at the Arezzo Flower Show workshops will also be on offer with in-depth gardening courses held by experts and professionals. Among the courses enlisted by the Plant Trade Show in Tuscany, you will also find fascinating demonstrations of floral art to learn how to combine flowers in compositions perfect for any occasion. Plants will be the undisputed protagonists of the event, so much so that there will be ample space for plant therapies and natural wellbeing. And as this is Tuscany, a land famous for good food and excellent wines, visitors can indulge in delicious tastings and join food and wine workshops. What’s more - this really is a doozy- amongst the Arezzo Flower Show courses you can also find one on cooking with flowers. The program of the Italy Plant Trade Show also includes a series of activities for children, such as gardening courses, workshops and learning experiences focused on ecology and environmental sustainability. In short even the 'budding gardeners' will have their moments of glory. 


The Arezzo Villa Severi Flower Show is arguably a perfect opportunity to visit Tuscany in spring. And with all this fantastic region can offer, we advise you to spend more than just a day and instead take advantage of the long bank holiday on April 25th. You can visit the city whilst staying at one of our Hotels in Arezzo after which, if I were you, I would venture out on a nice excursion to discover the most beautiful areas of Tuscany. Visit our section on 'Tours and activities' and you will be amazed by the quantity and variety of what’s on offer. Some advice? If you relish the idea of being surrounded by nature, just as was the case during the Tuscany Plant Trade Show, we suggest you take a look at our Chianti tours. There are biking, riding and even Vespa tours: perfect to enjoy the colors and the typical aromas of spring! Good idea, do you agree? Perfect then, just get planning: Tuscany in bloom awaits you!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 21 April 2018 to 22 April 2018

Event location: Arezzo

Contacts: info & full programme on the official website

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