Arezzo Back in Time 2017

A Bounce back to the Roman Era, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

From 28 July 2017 to 30 July 2017

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From 28 July to 30 July, the splendid city of Arezzo will hosts a three-days long event showcasing a series of exciting historical re-enactments that will take you back in time to three wonderful past eras. Unlike other events, which usually focus on a very precise period of time, the format of this historic event in Arezzo will plunge you into the Roman epoch as well as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. This way, the journey in time announced by the English title is in actual fact multiplied by three! Do you remember the movie ‘Non ci resta che piangere’ with Troisi and Benigni? The protagonists were catapulted back to a time between the 1400s and 1500s. Arezzo Back in time will do exactly the same but, moving between the streets and the squares, you will see that Arezzo city has much more to offer than what you see in films! There will be, in fact, more than one location where you can jump into a different historical period. This is an unmissable opportunity to learn about many interesting aspects of various ages. Your children will also be able to revise the various historical periods that they studied at school. Just that this time they will not be yawning, because there will be lots of fun for everyone and when school starts again in September, they can show off their knowledge.

Once again, for this year’s edition of Arezzo back in time 2017 Arezzo municipality, which organizes the event, has created a fun celebration that will include some attractions which will be on throughout the whole duration of the event, as well as other events that will take place at different times in the various locations. Here are some figures, just to help you picture the resonance of the event: 1,000 reenactors, 55 historic groups, 10 locations and 120 events! All you have to do is wind back the clock and set off for an adventure! Among other aspects, since Arezzo tourism is a priority, the city has thought of the best way to accommodate its visitors. For example, you can reach the various locations without having to walk for miles, even if you come by car. Parking in Arezzo is in fact located at the bottom of the city which can be reached easily by a series of escalators. But let's have a look at what the organizers have planned for this Arezzo historical event! We also recommend giving a look at the official event website to receive the latest updates on the rich program:


    The centrepiece of this thematic area is located at the Roman theatre in Arezzo, in the Cilnia Arena where Republican Rome will be rebuilt. During the three days of the event, the location will host a true Roman, Gaul and Etruscan camps. These will be surrounded by a series of events that will inevitably see gladiators as the protagonists who will fight in an exciting battle. At the Arezzo Roman theatre you may not find Russell Crowe, but the level of physical power and muscles will be equal. Other performances with dances, animated stories, ceremonies and battle demonstrations will be equally engaging. There will also be an area for children who can try out ancient board games or Etruscan writing on wax tablets... the ancestors of modern tablets!
    Relive this fascinating time by moving to the top of the city between the field area and the Arezzo Medici Fortress. Here you will find a military camp with several tents and an area with rides and tournaments. Like every faithful medieval re-enactment, street artists such as fire eaters, jugglers, jesters and flag wavers will not be missing. Among the shows in the program there are also ball games, animated stories, duels, battles and horse racing. In short, there is truly something for everyone!
    The wonderful historical period featuring the flourishing of the arts, science and literature will be recreated in Piazza Grande di Arezzo, the real heart of the historic Arezzo town centre. The main feature of this period will be a large market with historic shops and traditional handcraft. You can also admire the replica of a guard regiment with full armour and of the sumptuous Renaissance dresses. In Piazza Grande, also called Piazza Vasari in Arezzo, the clanging of swords of the master-at-arms practicing their art will resound. The area will be invaded by the colours of the flag wavers who, with music and drum rolls, will make this fantastic event even more unforgettable.


Are you ready to experience the splendour of times gone by? Instead of a selfie stick, why don’t you try and brandish a sword? Do you want to experience the thrill of archery and be swept away by the rhythm of drums? Then you've found the event that's just right for you! And don’t worry, this is Tuscany: good, genuine and tasty food will not be missing! Indeed, at Arezzo Back in time 2017 you can easily switch from 'modern' to historic street food. How? Well, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises and ruin the charm of discovering. I can already see you licking your lips just at the thought of all the gastronomic delicacies!

Book one of our Hotels in Arezzo to enjoy everything this event offers throughout the three days back in time. Since most events start in the late afternoon, why not take advantage of your stay in Tuscany to visit the capital? Good idea, right? Our Tour in Florence are perfect to discover the most interesting aspects of this wonderful city. There are also some particularly fun ones, such as the Segway Tour or the Treasure Hunt in Florenceperfect if you have kids or teenagers with you. Obviously you can always opt for something slightly more ‘traditional’ such as a beautiful Guided Visit to the Uffizi Gallery. We had no doubts we would convince you. We look forward to seeing you in Arezzo then! Make sure you pack a sword and a leotard... you never know!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 28 July 2017 to 30 July 2017

Event location: Arezzo

Contacts: info & full program on the official website

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