Top 10 Things to Do in Florence

If you are interested in advice on the top 10 things to do in Florence, Italy and things to know when travelling in Florence then you might want to continue reading! We at would like to suggest the 10 things to do in Florence, to taste, to photograph and more. We see Florence from another perspective. Travel advice for Florence and tips for discovering unusual and original Florence travel tips that will make your holiday a truly unique experience.


  • Orientation and public transport

    Orientation and public transport

    It is essential to understand how to visit Florence without wasting too much time, especially if your stay is only brief. First, get yourself a good detailed map to travel around independently: Florentines do not like giving directions every two minutes! If you want to ask about Florence be patient, it is better to do it when you are in a shop or a bar.
    Public transport is often crowded, and if you decide to use it then beware of pickpockets. When you takes photos around try not to stand in the middle of the crowd, you could slow the flow of passersby! Tourists benefit from a guide when visiting Florence, but do not forget your common sense.

  • Lesser Known Places

    Lesser Known Places

    We want to suggest that you do not underestimate some 'secondary' or lesser known places. We at can reveal those places that, without a doubt, are among the other popular things to do in Florence. The Church of Santa Maria Novella is one of the most beautiful and also among the easiest to visit (near the Central Station), Piazza della Santissima Annunziata and its Ospedale degli Innocenti by Brunelleschi (you will be amazed!), the Chapel Brancacci in Piazza del Carmine where you'll see the frescoes by Masaccio (including the famous Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise), the Oblate Public Library (former convent and hospital of the Oblate order or 'those who offer themselves') and finally Bargello museum where among the many works you will find sculptures by Donatello, Della Robbia and Michelangelo. If you are fascinated by the legends and places full of mystery, do not stop with the first proposals and discover an unusual Florence!

  • Outdoor activities

    Outdoor activities

    Among the beauties and top things to do in Florence you will find many green places to stay in the outdoors during the summer. We at suggest two particular magical places. Piazzale Michelangelo with its panoramic view and the opportunity to visit the Rose Garden and the Garden of Semplici, a botanical garden founded in the 16th century. There are numerous collections of plants catalogued to perfection, in a rare atmosphere dictated by the quietness and passion for botany.

  • Language


    Yes, the Italian language was born in Florence: it was formed to unite its dialects taking as a reference the Florentine Tuscan. If you do not agree, then blame Dante! This gives you an idea of how this city was the reference point for literature and art during the Renaissance period and beyond. Among the information about Florence, we suggest you reread some of the ‘Decameron’ novels and a few pages from the Divine Comedy to go even further into the heart of these places and never be unprepared about the things there are to know about Florence!
    The Tuscans, you know, have a ferocious sarcasm and considerable pride about their roots. The Florentines considered their city untouchable and defend their dialect at all costs. Among the top 10 things to do in Florence, Italy there is one that we strongly recommend that you do not do: try to imitate their speech! Learn instead a few things in advance so as not to be stunned: for example, the granata in Florence is not a bomb, but the broom; a bischero is a fool, while ganzo means fun, beautiful!

  • Summer Heat

    Summer Heat

    Among our helpful top ten things to do in Florence, we suggest that during the summer months, you pay attention to the extreme heat and the hot sun! Take a hat with you at all times, sunscreen (we recommend!) and water to hydrate during your walk. And do not overdo it at lunchtime with red wine!

  • Water


    Amongst the things to know when visiting Florence is the fact that the tap water is drinkable! Florentines have an enigmatic phrase to remind you that tap water is drinkable and also free. Drinking tap water whenever possible seems a trivial fact but this tip is part of our valuable advice: Florence can make you pay dearly for a water bottle in the historic centre.

  • Ice cream snack

    Ice cream snack

    In addition to the traditional Tuscan recipes, ice cream is always one of the Florence must do things. Florence has a lot of ice cream stores that also offer organic products and for all tastes. Do not stop at the first bar for packaged ice cream, as it would be a real shame! And if you want to learn to make it all by yourself, offers you a fun ice-cream course in Florence with tastings!

  • 'Sciocco' Bread

    'Sciocco' Bread

    An important tip for Florence is that you may have heard: that here the bread you eat is without salt. The reason is simple: the taste of Tuscan food is consumed without mixing flavours and, primarily olive oil manifests itself in all its goodness! Bruschetta, crostini, toasted bread, stale bread to make panzanella and tomato soup: you will see how many recipes and possibilities this bland bread can offer! Accept that this opportunity only exists in Florence: order a sandwich in a food shop down a quiet backstreet with porchetta and Tuscan bread or with finocchiona and enjoy eating it on the stone benches behind the Cathedral, are you hungry yet? How is it possible to visit Florence without sampling these delicacies?

  • Evening outings

    Evening outings

    Among the valuable information about Florence and what to do that you can find, are you lack ideas about what to do after dinner? We have some locations that will help you enjoy the atmosphere of those who live in Florence. The literary cafe Murate, for example, proposes continuously concerts and literary readings, with a glass or two of wine; another that can also inspire you is in the area of S. Frediano and the neighbourhood of Santo Spirito that are perfect for a charming aperitif and to take a moment of relaxation. Of course the city also hosts major concerts throughout the year, so keep an eye on the calendar and Florence travel advice!

  • Good luck

    Good luck

    Do you need a touch of luck, or have any desires? Here is, then, among the 10 things to do in Florence the one that is right up your street! If you walk near the Ponte Vecchio and arrive to the loggia of the Mercato Nuovo, you will find a fountain with a statue of a bronze boar called by everyone ‘il porcellino’ (pig). We suggest what to do in Florence is to touch its nose (it will not bite you!) and to lay a coin in the mouth, and it will bring you luck! This statue is so loved and famous that even Andersen dedicated a fairy tale to it (called The Bronze Pig). Did you read carefully our top 10 tips for Florence? Let us know if they will be useful!