Sports & Activities

There is nothing better than to combine holidays with a little movement and creative activity to share with family and friends. If you feel like doing sport in Tuscany, and have fun, you are in luck. There is no shortage of new challenges and extreme sports in Tuscany. In fact, there are many possibilities in terms of outdoor adventure sports in Tuscany to try, for all experience levels. Do you enjoy water sports? In Tuscany you will be spoilt for choice!
Finally, you cannot forget about your small ones and their desire to run around and play outside! You will be surprised by how many beautiful places there are offering kid friendly activities. Tuscany is a land of horse riding schools (in Tuscany), biking (in Tuscany), free climbing (in Tuscany), mountain biking (in Tuscany, Italy), and also wine trails and tastings!


EXTREME SPORTS in Tuscany, Those looking for pure adrenaline will be spoilt for choice! This is not wild rides or 'simple' snorkelling, but something more exciting... 

  • Among the sports of Tuscany skydiving is one of the most exciting, now a traditional sport thanks to the schools in the cities of Lucca and Arezzo! Is there a better way to leave worries behind and try indescribable and unique sensations ? Hard to say . However , you can always head off in pairs and see what happens! 
  • If you have not yet reached the level of 'I am going to try jumping out of an airplane', why not opt for a day of paragliding? You will fly all over the landscape at your feet and be amazed. Do you like this idea? The schools of Livorno, Lucca and Arezzo are waiting for you to soar like carefree birds in the clouds. 
  • If you are people with their feet on the ground, among the extreme sports of Tuscany you can practice free climbing in Tuscany alias 'climbing'. Not only will you enjoy the landscape, but you will be in real contact with nature. At least for those not afraid of heights. In any case, many rocky areas of the region will offer you challenging surfaces to deal with. We suggest, in particular, the areas of the Argentario and the Island of Elba
  • If you like the idea of combining risk and water, rafting is another good option to choose! For beginners it is advisable to start in the Arno River, while veterans can try the River Serchio in the province of Lucca. 
  • Surfing the waves of Versilia is yet another great sport holiday in Tuscany! 
  • Is this water contact not enough and you want to 'deepen' your marine knowledge? Then go for a bit of diving in the Tuscan archipelago ... the bottom of the sea will show you secrets and its underwater wonders! In addition to the beautiful marine flora you will also come across fascinating wrecks… just get yourself a suitable camera! 
  • Finally, for true daredevils and acrobats of the road, the sport holiday in Tuscany that gets young people really excited: freestyle motocross. Especially in the area of Florence, there are many tracks where you can learn the basics of this spectacular and risky activity amongst the extreme sports in Tuscany, unless you are already regulars!


WATERSPORTS. Bathed in the west by the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tuscany is not only a land of extreme sports (in Tuscany): holidays here are often synonym with relaxation, during which you can swim freely without much equipment or risks!
If you desire to do something more fun you can hire a canoe and set sail for the open sea to new horizons! Even for children, boarding a small boat, like a pedal boat, will be an unforgettable adventure!
And for lovers of windsurfing? All along the Tuscan coast, sports and alternative activities are easily accessible through short-term courses and starter schools ready to fulfil your every desire!


SPORTS & NATURE. Tuscany is perfect for nature lovers and especially for those who prefer walking. You can find many paths to walk at sea or low altitude in the hills. The important thing is to remain surrounded by the beauty and silence. In winter, however, you can enjoy the Pistoiese and Abetone Mountains in particular, for cross-country or high altitude skiing!
Do you want to walk and feel in touch with your spirit? Choose the paths of theCasentino forest and you will be amazed by the wonder and the peace that surround this place. 

Among the outdoor sports in Tuscany, biking in Tuscany during the summer is the most popular! You are not required to wear leotards and tight or  have the latest generation water bottle: put the helmet on and let yourself go to the rhythm of the two wheels! The routes that you can do are many and we at have for you even bike tours suited to those who want to enjoy the city centre from a different perspective! 
But do not forget that the Tuscan countryside is rather hilly so, if you're not very fit, choose city or flat paths to avoid passing the evening lying down with numb calves. If, your myths also include a character like Gino Bartali, you will surely be happy to trace the paths of the great cyclist. Watch out for the summer months, heat exhaustion can play tricks! 

Another great activity to do in Tuscany is horse riding. Have you ever done it in your life time? Then it is time to try this amazing and exciting experience Do not wait any longer and look for a horse riding schools in Garfagnana and Maremma: and add a special moment to your holiday. Imagine yourself as knights amongst wooded trails and close to medieval villages or as wanderers in search of refuge… the charm will delight you for sure!


KID FRIENDLY ACRIVITIES in Tuscany. Your children will find many areas to have fun and make new friends. If you are around Florence, you can take them to the Children's Museum and let them follow a thematic display to discover, while having fun, the history of the city. If your children love fairy tales instead, you cannot skip a visit in Collodi and the Pinocchio Park... you will see that they will not be the only ones to be enchanted!
Another place of magic and enchantment is the Forest of Ragnaia in San Giovanni d'Asso in the heart of the Siena Crete. If you are in Versilia and want your children to have fun, we suggest visiting the Pythagoras Park and see if and when they want to leave...! If your kids are a bit older, take them to the Tarot Garden in the area of Grosseto, they will remain fascinated by the sculptures that inhabit this place. 

Your daughter is obsessed with the Middle Ages? These things happen, but do not lose your patience: the Mercantia Festival in Certaldo will make her happy for an entire year!
Finally, staying on the subject of knights and legends, how about seeing the sword in the rock in the Abbey of San Galgano in Siena? We are sure that you will find it interesting too!
Now you can rest easily: kid friendly activities in Tuscany are the order of the day!


FUNNY ACTIVITIES. Tuscany is also a land of great culinary traditions. Could you ever visit this region without steal some cooking secret? Would you not want to learn how to make fresh pasta and prepare typical Tuscan dishes? You can choose one of our cooking schools in Tuscany Florence and wine tours in Tuscany. You can also learn how to make homemade ice cream! Challenge your partner in a race with a rolling pin and then celebrate the results with a good glass of red wine! Then, once you are back at home, should your recipes not be perfect, do not worry because basically 'hunger is the best cook'!