Versilia, Italy is the perfect destination if you are looking to combine a beach holiday with a place that is rich in events and with interesting sights. Not only things to do, to see and relax on the beach, to visit Versilia allows you to stay in touch with a beautiful landscape and to be close to beautiful cities like v and Pisa! A holiday in Versilia is indeed a good compromise to satisfy both nature lovers and those who prefer historical itineraries or those who are fond of various cultural events.

You will not find 'Versilia' written on the map, so it is found by making your way in the north west of Tuscany to the municipalities of Viareggio, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore, Seravezza and Stazzema to have an idea of the geographical area. Each location has its own peculiarities and different reasons why it is worth dedicating a visit. For children in Versilia there are many leisure opportunities to play freely and make friends with the neighbours on the best beaches in Versilia!

For those who live in Tuscany, Versilia is synonymous with the golden beaches of fine sand and nightlife, including pubs and clubs by the sea. For family travellers, the main attraction of Versilia holidays lie in the safety of bathing and tranquillity of the Versilia coast. If your interest is far from the lively evening festivities, a place like Pietrasanta holidays will offer moments of leisure between art and literature: but during a holiday in Versilia there is enough for everyone to enjoy!

Before you get to the heart of the Versilia beaches in Tuscany and walks at sunset, our brief review will help you imagine these places beyond the map. Versilia, Italy is the part of Tuscany that extends from Lucca to Massa and the wonderful Apuan Alps, a mountain range parallel to the coast. Thus, on the seafront of Viareggio, Italy and Lido di Camaiore, you will see these towering, unmistakable and suggestive peaks behind you. These mountains sometimes appear to have a pinkish colour, or at other times a darker colour and give you a sense of immensity hard to describe. The climber Fosco Maraini defined them as 'land to mould' and 'colour of fire'. As well as admiring their beauty, you can go trekking along a path best suited to your skills or even take the opportunity to climb in the summer! These mountains are also famous for the extraction of a very high quality marble! You will see that in Versilia holidays also provide lots of opportunities to go motorcycling, and try new sports: the facilities are equipped for every need and plenty of space to have fun. Versilia golf, beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, cycling, tandem, pedalo, roller skating and so forth: among pine forests and bike paths!

The beaches in Versilia, Italy are among the safest and also suitable for children, with many metres of shallow water which allow them to play in peace and without danger.

VIAREGGIO In Versilia is definitely worth the trip. This resort is full of charm and considered the most attractive destination in the area. It is particularly famous for its Carnival, characterized by giant floats. Tourism in Versilia in Italy has been developed mainly thanks to the vibrant culture of this city, made of literary echoes and important events such as the Premio Viareggio. The Premio Viareggio Repaci started in 1929 by Leonidas Repaci, Alberto Colantuoni and Carlo Salsa and has seen to date the participation of leading intellectuals of the Italian scene. The literary prize is divided into four sections: fiction, poetry, non-fiction and 'first work' and each of them provides a winner chosen from among five finalists in the competition. The jury, over the years, has been able to reward great authors such as Achille Campanile, Aldo Palazzeschi, Elsa Morante, Pie Paolo Pasolini, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Alda Merino, Primo Levi and many others.

Another issue of interest is the Festival of Torre del Lago Puccini, one of the most popular lyrical and evocative events of the region. In Versilia, Italy there are also numerous nature routes: pine forests (which is the best for children) and the Natural Park of Massaciuccoli. If time allows, it is worth visiting the beautiful villas of Viareggio such as Bourbon Villa and the Paolina Villa. Not forgetting the promenade of Viareggio that will win you over with its elegant cafés, bookstores and seafood restaurants (order a delicious fritto alla viareggina!) and Viareggio Beach!

FORTE DEI MARMI, Italy If you looking for a chic destination and you want to dress up then Versilia Forte dei Marmi is the right place. The town is the centre of nightlife, clubs and designer shops. It has enjoyed fame since the middle of the 19th century and maintains the presence of the noble families of Italian and foreign intellectuals who chose this destination as a favourite holiday spot and the Forte dei Marmi beaches in the Versilia. The clubs, which have developed from the 60s onwards, have made Forte dei Marmi a symbol of the nightlife of Versilia. However, there are also areas of cultural interest and alternatives to cocktails on the beach: the Fortino (a grand ducal fortress of the late 18th century), which houses the important Satire and Caricature Museum, the home of the sculptor Ugo Guidi Versilia, the Church of St Ermete and beautiful villas. Do not only go to the Capannina di Franceschi (main disco), there is much more to see! In Versilia, Italy every place hides behind a first impression and behind the labels there are many artistic treasures and landscapes to discover!

CAMAIORE, Italy offers the most relaxing holiday which is suitable for children. A Camaiore holiday is rather less overrun by tourists and the small size of the resort ensures a greater silence and privacy. Besides the Versilia best beach, you can easily reach the Apuan Alps, passing a hilly landscape. There are also some beautiful churches, including the Badia di San Pietro, the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santo Stefano. The Versilia beach of Camaiore and the neighbouring area have an interesting culinary tradition with dishes such as scarpaccia (zucchini cake), pepper pie (pie with rice, pepper and pecorino), tordelli (meat ravioli and chard), the necci (waffles made with chestnut flour) and 'sbriciolona', (pork sausage). Before bathing: we suggest taking a walk to the wharf in Camaiore, Versilia Camaiore as the view is very special and romantic!

PIETRASANTA, Italy This town has an interesting historical centre and a highly coveted coastal part where you can enjoy a Marina di Pietrasanta holiday. In Versilia this town has always been known for the processing of marble and bronze, which has attracted and continues to attract sculptors from all over Italy, and for its beautiful churches: the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Martino, the Sant' Agostino Church and the small Misericordia Church, which houses two frescoes by Fernando Botero. Marina di Pietrasanta holiday boasts art galleries, literary events and workshops that are one more reason to visit Versilia, Italy. There are, however, also plants, beautiful Versilia beaches and places to spend the evening with friends. As you move inland, you will have a chance to see the Pietrasanta Castles, real jewels of Versilia. Holiday sea and artistic atmosphere are perfectly combined in this town loved by writers such as Sepulveda and great artists such as Botero. In fact, the famous Giosuè Carducci was born here. If you are interested you can visit his birthplace in Val di Castello! Gabriele d'Annunzio also withdrew for a period in a villa surrounded by a fantastic pine forest in Pietrasanta from where he was inspired to write his famous poem Rain in the Pine woods. Today this villa houses one of the best Versilia events for children and also for adults: the Versiliana Festival. Theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions and other activities are part of a summer event full of surprises!

ALTA VERSILIA To visit Versilia and all its aspects, we suggest you pay a visit to the so-called 'Alta Versilia' municipalities. For some alternative itineraries visit the towns of Seravezza and Stazzema, which are suitable for those who love nature and prefer to visit less famous and crowded places and quiet Viareggio Versilia beaches. One of the things that is also definitely worth visiting is the Villa Medici Seravezza, built in 1560. This residence now houses the Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia, as well as a library and an archive. The town of Stazzema made history for one of the most dramatic chapters of the 20th century: the massacre of St Anna, Nazi massacre on 12 August 1944. In order to keep alive the memory of these events, in the hills around the town, you will find the National Park of Peace, including the Historical Museum of the Resistance that presents several initiatives to promote a culture of peace and historical memory. In this part of the Versilia trekking becomes a rare union between nature and the important events of our past that should not be forgotten.

WHAT TO EAT IN VERSILIA This area allows you to combine typical Tuscan food with the addition of seafood during your holiday in Versilia. For example, taste risotto with cuttlefish, order crispy fried mixed fish, a delicious plate of spaghetti with arselle (like clams).

In Versilia, holiday in Forte dei Marmi, Italy are always relaxing and full of surprises: from the wide Versilia beaches, the Versilia sea, the chic bars and restaurants, markets and the marvellous Apuan Alps landscapes you will have a lasting memory of your trip.

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