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How can we describe the seaside in Tuscany? 'Spectacular' any Tuscan would instinctively tell you! For those who already know it, it is bound to be a source of wonderful memories and often a place that has already been visited or to return to.

Along the Tuscan coast in Italy there are sandy beaches, and resorts suitable for children, natural areas and clear waters, especially on the Tuscan Archipelago islands. If you are planning your coast holidays in Tuscany you have chosen one of the most beautiful places to relax and to enjoy the summer.


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The choice of a suitable location is important: there are beach areas in Tuscany perfect for children and free from any danger, historical sites frequented by Tuscan zones suitable for diving, romantic Tuscany islands with hidden beaches and areas surrounded by greenery for those who love camping. We at are happy to show on the map which Tuscany seaside towns to go to and where to find something more in tune with your needs.

There are 7 major islands in the Tuscan archipelago which form one of the largest protected areas in Europe. Here we will briefly describe these marine havens:

ELBA The Tuscan island where Napoleon was exiled in 1814 is the third largest in Italy, rich in history and considered the most beautiful of all the islands of Tuscany. This Tuscan island, has been inhabited since prehistoric times and later by the Greeks, as it was an important centre for the Etruscan civilization thanks to its metal deposits. During your stay you could dedicate a day to its history by visiting the Civic Museum of Marciana: you will be fascinated by the different cultures that have lived in this land. The beaches and cliffs offer, in addition to sunbathing lying between the golden sands of Capoliveri, the opportunity to dive to different depths. The interior of the island is also worth visiting particularly if you enjoy trekking accompanied by the sight of holm oaks, chestnut trees and the sound of waves in the distance. You will feel miles away from any stress!

GIGLIO ISLAND If you are looking for the beautiful sea in Tuscany head to this small Tuscan island in the province of Grosseto. This is a real gem, where you will find clear and emerald coloured waters and a territory partly still untouched. You can choose between activities such as, snorkelling, nature trails and archaeological sites, by walking among the rocks and discovering its local traditions to complete the picture of your beach holiday on the Tuscan coast! Some scenes of the sea in Sorrentino's film The Great Beauty were shot here, as the main character writes a report of the sinking of the ship Concordia which took place on 13 January 2012. Fortunately the wreck was removed the year after!

GIANNUTRI is the southernmost of the Tuscan islands and is part of the municipality of the Giglio Island. Giannutri can be visited in a day trip by ferry and is perfect for those interested in scuba diving being a protected Marine Park inhabited by corals and hidden wrecks!

CAPRAIA ISLAND This is another gem like Elba, in the province of Livorno. This Tuscan island is one of most special and of volcanic origin located in the channel of Corsica. The island of Capraia is mainly rocky and you'll have to swim among the rocks: it is an alternative destination for those who love hiking in nature and diving among the caves, and less suitable if you are with children. Its beauty lies in its being so wild and this island was also cited by Montale in the poem 'House on the Sea'.

PIANOSA This small island in Tuscany is located south of Elba to which it is linked for transport reasons. As its name indicates, Pianosa is the only flat area of land among the Tuscan islands. The most beautiful beach is Cala San Giovanni, but you should also visit the Catacombs of Pianosa. These underground sites date back to the 3rd century, the time of the first Christian communities: even if you're not Indiana Jones you will be fascinated by this mysterious place!

MONTECRISTO If you decide to visit the Montecristo island in the Tuscan archipelago you will notice the silence that reigns in this uninhabited place. It is a stage very different from the usual tourism destinations by the sea. The island has a massive form with steep cliffs into the sea and is managed by the State Forestry Corps. Having overcome the difficulties to reach it, you will find yourself immersed in a world suspended in deep quietness and in one of the islands in Tuscany, Italy which is still truly unspoiled!

GORGONA The smallest of the Tuscan islands it is mentioned by Dante in the Canto of Ugolino during the invective against Pisa. By visiting this place you will feel like you are in a green oasis since the mountainous territory is covered by Mediterranean scrubs for almost its entire length. There are few islanders left now and this helps to keep the waters of the island among the clearest in the Tuscan archipelago. Monk seals used to take refuge along the coast, and this gave its name to the famous Grotta del Bue Marino!

If you want to have your beach holiday in Tuscany on the mainland, you will not be any less satisfied! The choice, in this case, is really wide and varied. Below is our advice to help you decide where to go. Sea, inland Tuscany and art cities are three elements that you will join during your holiday. If, for example, you go to the sea in the province of Livorno, take the opportunity to make a nice excursion to Florence and Siena! The numerous entertainment options include: wine tours in Chianti, art trips or excursions to Pisa and Lucca... do not limit yourself to a single destination!

A holiday on the Tuscany coast in Italy is more suitable and more popular for children (especially by the Florentines). In particular, Versilia, with its beaches inhabited by colourful sun umbrellas and characterized by impeccable services. This Tuscan coast holiday is part of the province of Lucca, and includes popular locations for the evening entertainment such as Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio. If you seek peace of mind we suggest Lido di Camaiore and Marina di Pietrasanta, known for its artistic activities. Amongst the Tuscany seaside of the Apuan Alps, Marina di Carrara is also worth a trip.

Would like to walk in a path nestled between the green nature and the view of the sea? Then a trip to Cinque Terre departing from Florence with an organized tour to the Cinque Terre could be perfect for you!

The area of Livorno, besides being the reference port to reach many of the Tuscan islands in Italy, is also a pleasant seaside resort. Among the most beautiful Tuscan archipelago islands we recommend Vada (in the municipality of Rosignano Maritime), famous for its white beaches, and Cecina, characterized by large pine forests and a Blue Flag beach destination in Tuscany! We also recommend an afternoon among the great beach places in Tuscany of Marina di Donoratico in the area between Livorno and Piombino. Finally, perhaps one of the most beautiful beach places in Tuscany include the Buca delle Fate in the Gulf of Baratti. After a steep path you will be facing one of the most picturesque views in the area.

Continuing the journey to the south coast of the sea destinations in Tuscany towards the Gulf of Follonica in the province of Grosseto, you will come to the towns of Castiglione della Pescaia, Marina di Grosseto and Punta Ala (true paradise for campers!). Finally, amongst the sea places in Tuscany that will remain in your heart is the Golfo d'Argento. The town of Telamone is a perfect Tuscany seaside town to relax!

The beach towns in Tuscany, Italy will allow you to get in touch with local dialects and interesting Tuscan cuisine, especially fish (including a famous fish soup!). The short distances also allow you to get to know and appreciate the differences between the wealth of the sea areas in Tuscany.

Looking at the Tuscan islands map and the sea places in Tuscany, you will find that many are close to cities such as Pisa and Siena, therefore, do not miss the opportunity to take a cultural tour of  Florence from the Port of Livorno during your Tuscany sea destinations holiday.