Natural Parks


The numerous parks in Tuscany are varied and located in several locations. We offer the ability to do several trips, to go for tranquil walks with the children or choose more demanding routes if you are more experienced walkers. The outdoor Tuscany natural parks can be full of excitement and very relaxing. Keep in mind an important fact, namely, that these famous parks in Tuscany, Italy for kids are great too!

There are caves to explore, animals to photograph or to watch from a distance, paths between small rivers, meadows to stop for a picnic and so forth; these protected areas in Tuscany are an adventure from start to finish! Often they are a natural oasis near the coast or located in mountainous areas; in any case, you will be satisfied and pleased to have a holiday in the parks in Tuscany, Italy. A visit to the national parks in Tuscany, Italy, natural reserves in Tuscany, protected areas in Tuscany and a nature holiday in Tuscany is to enjoy and appreciate a completely green world! We at will guide you through this special nature trip to help you visit and enjoy the most important destinations.

SAN ROSSORE AND OASI LIPU MASSACIUCCOLI. The complex of the Natural Park Migliarino San Rossore and Massaciuccoli is one of the largest natural parks of Tuscany. This protected area stretches along the coast, including the provinces of Pisa and Lucca, and is distinguished by different areas. The north wing, in Lucca, is characterized by a greater presence of forests and includes the municipalities of Viareggio and Torre del Lago Puccini (famous for its summer opera season), whereas Massaciuccoli is distinguished by the presence of the lake of the same name and offers the chance to do sports activities (such as rowing, for example); Migliarino is one of the parks in Tuscany to visit for its history and the estate of San Rossore, and it is also famous for the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio who lived here for a while. Not forgetting the final part of the area to the south, with the Meloria Shoals, an area that consists of rocks on the coast of Livorno. It is important to note that this vast park in Tuscany is one of the areas protected by the Italian League for the Protection of Birds (LIPU), the fauna by the lake is rich in many species to defend and admire ... remember to take with you a good pair of binoculars!

PARKS OF VAL DI CORNIA. Situated between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto, Val di Cornia offers a nature holiday in Tuscany, Italy and the sea at the same time! This area consists of several natural parks of Tuscany, including the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia in the province of Piombino, that you should definitely visit. This nature reserve in Tuscany offers different routes to discover the ancient Etruscan necropolises and from here we suggest you reach the Gulf of Baratti and spend some time on its beaches. Among the protected areas of Tuscany and of local interest is the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro, which focuses on the extraction of minerals and where you can visit the Temperino Mine: follow the guide, wear the yellow helmets and get ready for a particular adventure in the world of the miners. Consequently, a holiday for children in the natural parks of Tuscany can prove great fun and interesting, and for everyone! If, instead, you want to get as close as possible to the sea you can take the routes along the Coastal Park of Rimigliano or Sterpaia
We also suggest a trip to the Natural Park in Tuscany of Montioni, as here you may easily encounter deer, but be careful not to scare them!

VAL D'ORCIA PARK. The artistic and culture nature park of the Val d'Orcia, in the province of Siena, is on the list of World Heritage Sites (of Unesco). It is one of the most visited protected areas of Tuscany. This place will make you think of images of Renaissance painters in which the views are characterized by warm colours and by the presence of beautiful cypress trees along the roads. The views of the countryside and farmhouses scattered among the hills will make you grasp the true soul of Tuscany. Nature reserves in Tuscany like this one will one you a sense of suspended time, making you feel the splendour of the rural landscape. Do not forget that this area is within the towns of Pienza and Montalcino!

MAREMMA REGIONAL PARK. Located in Grosseto and limited by the sea, the Maremma Park is one of the first nature reserves parks in Tuscany. This area includes various types of vegetation and fauna, depending on whether the land is used for agricultural purposes, forestry or is more wild and rocky. Its wild appearance blends with a wide range of scents and smells of herbs, trees, undergrowth plants and berries. You will discover one of the most picturesque and green nature holidays in Tuscany. The nearest seaside towns of Talamone allows you to switch between different pastimes. The southern part is home to the Monti dell'Uccellina (another special protected area in Tuscany!) Here, placid cows are kept an eye on by 'butteri' on horseback, real cowboys in the area of Maremma!
You will also spend a day back in time between wild hills, cliffs, beaches and pine forests as far as the eye can see!

APUANE ALPS PARK. This nature reserve in Tuscany includes the areas of Garfagnana and Versilia which are close to the city of Lucca. The Apuan Alps are famous for being one of the largest deposits of marble (especially in the area of Carrara) and for their particular wildness. In the area of Garfagnana we suggest you visit the Orecchiella Park divided into three natural reserves of beech trees, fir and wild animals, including the golden eagle! The Apuan Alps, with its numerous rivers, nature walks in Tuscany, and underground areas such as the Wind Cave and the Corchia Cave, make this one of the best wooded parks in Tuscany for children.

CASENTINESI FORESTS. Casentino Forests with Mount Falterona and Campigna are one of the most interesting Tuscany natural attractions and includes the provinces of Arezzo, Florence and Forlì-Cesena. It is hard to describe the beauty of these places and especially the magical and spiritual atmosphere reigning between forests and historical sites that are part of it. We at recommend that you choose one of the proposed routes of the park where it is not unusual to see a deer or a fox and enjoy the nature walks in Tuscany and to take in deep breaths of fresh air. After exploring the nature, you can reach the town of Badia Prataglia and the amazing Sanctuary of San Francesco della Verna. In fact, bear in mind that in addition to many of the famous parks of Tuscany to visit there are many historical sites including Romanesque churches, abbeys and shrines immersed in silence.

TOSCO-EMILIANO PARK. The discovery of Tuscan national parks towards the territories that extend up to Emilia-Romagna unite in one of the two neighbouring regions between the provinces of Lucca, Massa and Carrara. Its territories are surrounded by high peaks and make this area one of the most fascinating Tuscany natural attractions to explore. Tuscan nature offers trekking, grasslands, wild areas, lakes and small streams, in addition to a remarkable group of animals including deer and peregrine falcons. Keep your camera handy during your walk!

ARGENTARIO MARINE PARK. The area around the Argentario Promontory is ideal if you're looking for a nature holiday in Tuscany, Italy and the sea. You can visit the town of Porto Ercole and Santo Stefano, then relax on the beaches alternating between small hidden coves! From this area, if you want to continue with a marine course, we suggest the island of Giglio as a next step. For those wishing to continue, however, with a nature holiday in one of the Tuscany nature reserves you should discover the Duna Feniglia nature reserve: in the summer walking between the sounds of crickets and waves through the Mediterranean shrubs is a true dream.

Tuscany nature and its parks and protected areas differ from area to area depending on the climate and proximity to the sea. Whatever area you choose to visit it will certainly be full of interesting routes and close to one of the cities such as Pisa or Florence; if you are with your children or just looking for nature in Tuscany to find silence this green side of the Tuscan countryside is ideal. Nature holidays in Tuscany require a higher level of respect being protected areas of Tuscany and inhabited by many wild animals, often frightened by the presence of man. So please be responsible in these unspoiled places!