Without visiting the mountains in Tuscany you cannot claim to fully know this region! It is not about just going trekking in Tuscany, but also gazing at the breath-taking views and discovering what mountains are in Tuscany and the surrounding fascinating areas. Do you feel like hiking in Tuscany and exploring the ancient villages and meeting the locals? Trust us, we are certain that a holiday in the Tuscan mountains will give you unforgettable experiences of local traditions, genuine food and images of pristine and primeval nature.


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Are you attracted to the mountains in Tuscany and its activities? The mountains in Tuscany are to be appreciated! For example, in winter skiing is Tuscany is possible and in the summer it is even more beautiful and magical! An excursion in the Tuscany mountains is a great way for children to get in touch with nature and small animals or plants.

If you are not aware of the names of the mountains of Tuscany then below are some destinations for you to try!

ABETONE AND PISTOIA MOUNTAIN The mountains of Tuscany in Pistoia are on the border with Emilia-Romagna and accommodate vast forests. We suggest that the main ones in particular are Mount Abetone, in Tuscany, Italy  (for the Tuscans simply 'Abetone') which is a very popular destination for skiing in Tuscany during the winter season. Whereas in the summer, it is perfect for trekking in Tuscany even at low altitude, and it is known for the presence of a large amount of blueberries! Other interesting destinations to visit include Gavinana and the Astronomical Observatory of Pian dei Termini.

GARFAGNANA Crossed by the river Serchio and part of the of the Lucca area, Garfagnana, carries a long history and many folk tales. If you are looking to visit the mountains in Tuscany and want to go hiking in Tuscany, Italy, Garfagnana is the place for you. The hiking trails in Tuscany, Italy have different levels of difficulty and so you could arrange with a guide to choose the most suitable, otherwise, if you prefer, you can also practice climbing if you are true experts! When you're staying in the Tuscan Alps in a refuge you can look for some legends of the place to further appreciate the atmosphere of the Tuscan mountains!

MONTE AMIATA is in the mountains of Tuscany that are part of the Maremma Appenine, located between Grosseto and Siena. It is located in a strategic position from where you can easily reach the Chianti and Val d'Orcia; Therefore we suggest you take advantage of its location during your holiday in the mountains in Tuscany. The peculiarity of this summit is that it is an ancient extinct volcano with rocks and small lakes from its previous eruptive activity. Around the mountain there are medieval castles, Romanesque churches like the famous Abbey of San Salvatore and nature reserves, amongst which we recommend Mount Labbro.

APUAN ALPS On the map of the mountains of Tuscany we move north again, towards Versilia and the area of Lucca, in the Apuan Alps. Here, there are peaks that belong to the Sub Tuscan chain and not far from the coast: perfect if you choose to make your summer holiday in the Tuscan mountains. This area is full of paths traced by C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club) and refuges where you can spend the night. In addition did you know that the beautiful Apuan marble in the mountains in Tuscany was used by Michelangelo to create his sculptures?

LUNIGIANA on the border with Liguria and the provinces of Massa and Carrara and La Spezia, the area of Lunigiana has a very troubled history. It was inhabited by the Romans and to this day ia characterized by a particular unique dialect, very different from the classic Tuscan dialect that even visitors can recognize. The mountain ranges in Tuscany, Italy from here include Tosco Emiliano Apennines and the Apuan Alps, and to the south they border with Garfagnana. There are trekking paths for hiking in Tuscany, Italy from the Via del Sale to Via Modenese to the trails leading to the lake of Monte Acuto. Also this area is very close to the Cinque Terre!

CASENTINO Among the mountains in Tuscany, Italy is the area of Casentino, which is perhaps the most characteristic and fascinating. Casentino is one of the four valleys of the city of Arezzo, characterized by forests in mountainous areas, and is crossed by a stretch of the Arno River. Among its main peaks we find Mount Falterona, Pratomagno and Mount Falco, which are included in the National Park comprising woods and wildlife. These places are suitable for refreshing walks during the summer thanks to the cool climate and are also great for snowshoeing when the valley is covered in snow in the colder months. Besides the nature, you will find the most important and evocative castles and Franciscan monasteries of Italy. We assure you that the most exciting mountain destinations in Tuscany, Italy are on offer here!

PISANI MOUNTAINS From a geological point of view, these mountain destinations in Tuscany are among the oldest and the highest mountains in Tuscany and Italy. They are part of the alps in Tuscany and of the Lucca and Pisa provinces: these areas also boast medieval towns - such as Vicopisano - and religious places that are well worth a visit. Spend your weekend in the Tuscan mountains to go hiking along Valle Graziosa or to reach the Passo di Dante to see the bust of the Florentine poet. In this area try to visit its most important caves (Buca delle Fate)!

From our brief descriptions of the list of mountains in Tuscany you will have gathered the main features that they can offer at different times of the year and for all levels of experience. The beautiful Tuscan mountains offer great hiking in Tuscany, Italy and include mountain towns in Tuscany offering a sense of freedom mixed with satisfaction that you will want to replicate and recover on subsequent occasions.