Florence & Art Cities


Surely the art places to visit near Florence, Italy are not to be missed!

Art in Tuscany is one of the main driving forces for visitors in this cradle of history and culture. Piazza della Signoria, the Leaning Tower and Piazza del Campo are just some of the famous monuments in Tuscany.


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In Italy Tuscany is often considered the region with more style. With prehistoric drawings, Etruscan architectures, Roman remains, the Arab influences and the many Byzantine, Romanesque and Renaissance churches, Tuscany certainly can surely be likened to an open history book, just waiting to be read! By visiting the art cities in Tuscany you can immerse yourself in the historical and cultural wealth of our country, admiring the treasures that make it famous worldwide.


WHERE TO GO. To decide what to see around Florence, we suggest a selection among the most famous, for their beauty and their historical and artistic heritage.

  • Among Tuscany art cities, Florence definitely earns the first prize. It is an example of Renaissance architectural and stylistic evolutions, the result of the majesty and power that this city has gained in the past and that has held for centuries and it’s still alive today.
    Many are the things to see in Florence. From the majestic Dome by Brunelleschi, the Giotto Bell Tower and the numerous and famous squares, this is a list of what should not be missed when visiting one of the most important art cities in Tuscany, Italy: the Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza della Signoria with David by Michelangelo (and do not forget to go and admire the original statue), Ponte di Mezzo, Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery.
    Besides these institutionalized beautiful works in Florence it is also good to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient markets like the famous Porcellino market, the central market and that of St Ambrogio.
  • Places of interest near Florence, Italy are abound, but what cities to visit and see in Tuscany before you go home? Pisa is one of those places not to miss during your visit in Tuscany. So, which are the things to see in Pisa? Once a Maritime republic, the city that gave birth to illustrious luminaries such as Galileo Galilei, surrounded by ancient walls that have now been restored, and provides a scene of romantic views and captivating architectures like the famous Campo dei Miracoli, with its beautiful Leaning Tower or more commonly known as the Tower of Pisa , the Cathedral and the Baptistery.
    Crossing Piazza dei Cavalieri, the headquarters of ancient and prestigious Normale University, walking on the parapets of the riversides you can fully breathe the air of the city's history, the glorious battles and defeats, the transition of power from one family to another. Surely, one of the famous monuments in Tuscany and perhaps the most intriguing is the church of Santa Maria della Spina nestled along the east bank of the Arno, which, as legend has it, holds a thorn considered to belong to the crown of Christ as far back as in 1333 . If you have the ability to move easily around Pisa, visit the Basilica of St Peter in Grado, where according to popular belief, St Peter landed.
  • Not far from Pisa, separated by a small mountain range, the Pisani mountains, lies Lucca surrounded by a grand ring of fortified walls. The city with its evocative atmosphere was built almost on a human scale for its limited size. Inside you will find the Cathedral, designed and built in Romanesque style, the Market Square, the ancient Roman amphitheatre, San Michele in Foro with the lodges that characterize the facade and the slab fountain of the Romanesque St Frediano church.
  • The city of Pistoia, also surrounded by 14th-century walls, bases its historical roots around the famous cathedral square. It is where the Romans settled a castrum, or a fort, which later became a Byzantine and Lombard village, and in the Middle Ages reached the 'apex of its artistic and architectural splendour, as evidenced by the Bishop's Palace and the Baptistery in alternating bands of white and green marble on an octagonal plan.
  • Another one of the best places to visit near Florence is Siena. What to see in Siena? It is surrounded by pure countryside, hills and vineyards: it is a perfect example of a medieval city, in which you can relive the glory of the 17 rival districts that on two occasions per year, 2 July and 16 August, compete in the famous Palio of Siena around the Campo Square.


  • Arezzo is another city of Renaissance art in Tuscany. Indeed, besides its medieval and renaissance architectures, this wonderful small city can boast to have been founded in prehistoric times, as evidenced by the sculpture "The Elm Man" found in the homonymous village in the city, dating back to the Palaeolithic era. If you need more information about what to do and see in Arezzo visit the dedicated page on our portal!


In addition to being an open history book, just as history is, Tuscany is evolving too…from an artistic point of view! Every city has a thriving cultural richness that means that festivals and events are never lacking!

Here is a proposal of what cities in the Tuscany region to visit; for each of them there will be a more detailed description and an interesting slideshow. If in addition to the cities, if you have time to linger and visit more, we suggest you take a look at the section on the best Tuscan villages to visit, in which you will find as many smaller towns, not at all secondary to the art cities described here.

If you dream of visiting the art cities of Tuscany but you don’t know how, with toscanainside.com will be a piece of cake!