The climate of Tuscany varies depending on which area you decide to visit, be it sea, mountain or the hilly hinterland. The sea mitigates the temperatures along the coast, while the Apennines create a sort of climate ‘belt’ in the southern belt and in the east. 
The Tuscan islands are a further barrier to the wind and therefore the effects of the climate. Tuscany, is synonymous with sun and warm weather, but that does not mean rain and snow do not pass this way! The weather of Tuscany Italy is dependent upon each season. Each season offers you different colours and landscapes. The Tuscany climate weather also allows one the opportunity to participate in various events and also food and wine tasting tours.

Tuscany weather in the fall and Tuscany weather in the autumn is perfect for visiting the cities of art, as well as the weather in Tuscany in the spring. When it is too hot, the heat can really make your day and the tour that you've set out to do very tiring.
Choose nature and above all travel to the islands where the weather in Tuscany by the coast is perfect and its crystal clear waters with its golden sandy beaches await you!
Also, the season that you wouldn’t imagine for your journey: the winter. Thanks to the weather in Tuscany in winter, you can ski and enjoy the beauty of the mountains in its most magical moment.


SUMMER. In Tuscany this is the season of greatest influx of visitors… and the sale of straw hats! If you plan to visit this region during the months of July and August, prepare yourself for the possibility of very high temperatures.
If you choose the seaside, you will have to take a dip in the azure waters to find immediate refreshment.
If your tour is dedicated to classic stages such as the cities of Pisa, Florence and Siena, do not underestimate the effects of the sun during the time period ranging from eleven to four in the afternoon. During the summer, temperatures in Tuscany often exceed thirty degrees: Hats or even umbrellas, sun cream, fresh water and coffee or liquorice are essential items. Try, at least to resist drinking wine at lunchtime that can make you fall asleep! Choose fresh foods and seasonal fruits, without forgetting to taste the typical homemade ice cream in Tuscany. Summer also means open air concerts and major events that should not be missed: the Palio di Siena, the Giostra del Saracino, Lucca Summer Festival, Pistoia Blues, the Luminara in Pisa, Venice Effect in Livorno and much more.

If you are looking for alternative destinations with fewer tourists then the Tuscan mountains offers many possibilities for excursions and contact with unspoilt nature inhabited only by animals and birds of rare beauty. 
The evenings are full of things to do even in the small medieval villages thanks to festivals, pageants and cultural events such as the Mercantia Festival in Certaldo or the Cortona Mix Festival!
A tip: choose a bed and breakfast or a farm cottage (agriturismi) in historic buildings, the ancient and thick walls stay cool and the rooms remain fresh and, likewise, even the surrounding countryside outside the town ensures you more ventilation after dinner!


AUTUMN. Tuscany weather in the autumn. Its colours are a perfect match for those who want to visit the hill areas and wine routes. In October the days are still long and allow you to enjoy the towns and cities in a short time without being full of tourists and so it is a good time to visit Tuscany. The medieval villages are waiting for you to taste their typical products and along the scenic roads you will witness the spectacle of leaves that change colour and take red-yellow and finally dark. Travelling during the autumn, allows you to visit museums without having to queue for hours and enjoy a milder climate. 
The month of November is the one that has the highest incidence of Tuscany weather precipitation, and you might get lucky and enjoy the lower prices and the Tuscan hinterland autumn cuisine without missing out on the sun! October is an interesting month for the presence of Lucca Comics: one of the most important and fun events in Tuscany! Mild climate, fewer crowds in the museums, restaurants happy to accommodate you and especially relaxing stays at spas in Tuscany! This is certainly the best time to visit Tuscany if you want find the right spirit to face the winter and warm up in the spa towns surrounded by nature and silence. Autumn is the perfect season to get closer to the winter cold and enjoy a little relaxation!


WINTER. The weather in Tuscany in winter is cold and sometimes it snows. Although it is not California, and it never gets too cold. But anyway, winter is a magical season, and this cannot be disputed. Visiting this region in the period close to Christmas, for example, allows you to get in touch with the traditions of each village. The medieval villages take on a more severe air and at the same time a more fascinating and mysterious charm. The sun becomes pale and temperatures remain acceptable until early afternoon, the temperature difference between day and night, however, is quite significant!

In general, the colder months with possibility of snow (rare events in the lowlands and the coast) are January and February. If you are interested in sports activities, consider the ski slopes of Abetone and snowshoeing in the woods of Casentino. Also, with the excuse of the cold, you can take advantage of the typical winter dishes made with wild game and the mouth-watering main dishes!
During the winter , the climate in Tuscany will not prevent you in any case from enjoying its beauties ... and if you are failed poets, you can also choose to enjoy the sea in winter ! Some prefer it as this way, , grey and indomitable ! About the sea , remember that at this time held the famous Carnival of Viareggio takes place!


SPRING. The weather in Tuscany in spring often arrives so suddenly in March or April. One thing is certain, when it comes it is irresistible! We become distracted, excited at the sight of the first flowers and leaves, eager to store away our heavy winter coats to wear something lighter and more colourful. The Tuscan climate in the Tuscany region is part of all these descriptions and aligns in time with the seasonal calendar thanks to its mild temperatures. March is a crazy month and you might need an umbrella at hand for the Tuscany weather rainfall in the spring, but April and May are best times to visit Tuscany Italy especially peak times for cities and natural areas scattered around the area. Imagine a trip to Val D'Orcia among the verdant colours and places such as Pienza and Montalcino which are adorned with flowers and offer spectacular views of the hills and fields. Imagine walking along the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, waiting to see a concert of the season of the Maggio Fiorentino, or visit the wine cellars of the Chianti. It seems like a dream, but it is reality!

The weather in Tuscany in spring is a moment of rebirth during which the temperatures and the sun will warm you gently, leaving you to enjoy the first rays of sun and the beginning of a new phase. Do not underestimate the excursions to the natural parks and hiking trails on the Island of Elba, where you'll find a surprising range of flora and fauna.


You will find that the Tuscany climate change rise from a Mediterranean to a continental type moving inland and its hills; depending on the season you are in, choose what to visit and then let yourself be influenced by the different landscapes that you come across and do not underestimate the charm of the 'low' seasons!